social media advertising for senior living communities

social media advertising for senior living communitiesWhether your business is just getting started or has been around for years, you need a way to attract new residents to your community. Senior living PPC advertising is a proactive method for driving leads to your website, but running such a campaign comes with a number of challenges.

Fortunately, you can optimize your PPC ads to give them a better chance of success.

By keeping your campaign highly targeted and using specific keywords, you can attract exactly the kind of residents your business needs to succeed. 

This article will begin by explaining why senior living PPC ads are beneficial for senior housing centers. Then we’ll discuss several ways you can optimize the performance of your PPC ads, including by sourcing the work out to experts. Let’s get started!

How PPC Advertising Can Benefit Your Senior Housing Business

PPC ads are a common online marketing tool. You (the advertiser) pay a publisher a small sum every time an ad you’ve featured on their site is clicked on. 

This drives traffic to your own site and, if you have an optimized landing page, hopefully increases your conversion rate. When done well, Pay-Per-Click ads can be one of the most effective forms of online advertising. 

One of its advantages is that it can quickly turn leads into conversions. Let’s say your senior living center has some openings. You can create a targeted ad using the keyword “senior living”, and send those who click on it straight to a landing page where they can schedule a tour. 

Additionally, you can bid on keywords that include your business’ name (known as branded keywords) for your ads. Doing this can help make your site appear more frequently in search results, as well as eliminate the risk of competitors bidding on your branded community name. 

Some companies, however, are disappointed when they try PPC advertising. There are a number of reasons your ads may not perform as well as they should, such as using the wrong keywords or not optimizing your landing pages. While it’s true that crafting optimized ads takes skill, it’s not difficult to learn how to do it. You can try these advertising ideas to help avoid stereotyping older adults in your marketing efforts. 

5 Ways to Optimize Your Retirement Community’s PPC Campaigns

PPC ads provide many benefits for retirement living communities, but they need to be executed carefully. A poorly-designed ad may not perform as you’d hoped, but when optimized can become an effective part of your overall marketing plan. Below are five tips to help you optimize your PPC campaigns. 

1. Use Relevant Keywords in Your Senior Living Ads Cop

One of the most effective aspects of Pay-Per-Click ads is keyword targeting. However, it can also be the trickiest. Choosing relevant keywords can be the difference between high- and low-performing ads.

Doing keyword research before publishing your ads can help. You can start by typing potential keywords into Google, to see what kinds of results come up. If they seem relevant to your business, they may be worth considering. 

There are also many tools available to help you analyze the performance of keywords, such as SEMRush keyword research or Moz keyword planner:  

MOZ keyword explorer tool for researching ad campaign keywords

Some keywords to consider for your retirement center might include: “independent living”, “assisted living”, “skilled nursing”, and “memory care”.

2. Create Compelling Ad Copy

Ads that target seniors need to be compelling. Most people, particularly older adults, only scan web pages, rather than reading them fully. Compelling copy may be the difference between your ad capturing a lead’s attention or being glanced over.

This is why it is important to write an attention-grabbing headline for your ad. It also helps to describe your senior living service in an enticing way: 

Sample of senior housing paid ad for a assisted living community

You likely won’t have much space, so be sure to be specific, relevant, and concise. Your conversion copy is your first impression for many potential residents and their families, so it’s important to make it count. 

3. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Your own website and landing pages are just as important as your ads. When someone does decide to click on one of your Pay-Per-Click ads or social media ads, you want the next page they see to be worth their time and convince them to convert.

First, make sure your landing page aligns with your corresponding ad. Both should offer the same thing, whether that’s a selection of services, a search bar for openings in your facility, or an offer to speak with a friendly representative:

Google Advertising for Senior Living Facilities
Whatever you offer, you will generally convert more leads if you provide a clear Call to Action (CTA). Therefore, consider adding clearly-labeled CTA buttons to your landing pages.

4. Increase Your Quality Score

In Google Ads, a popular PPC platform, your ‘quality score’ is the estimated caliber of your keywords, ads, and landing pages: 

 Google ads for senior living facility

To improve your overall quality score, you’ll need to optimize all three elements. Making sure these factors are relevant to your target audience and to one another may provide a better search experience for users.

Fortunately, if you’ve been following the previous steps in this article, you’re already on your way to an optimal quality score. Including relevant keywords throughout other aspects of your campaign – such as social media posts and marketing emails – may also help. 

5. Get Help from Senior Living Community Advertising Experts

With all of these things to consider when creating your Pay-Per-Click ads, you may wish to hire experts to help get the job done. This option can save you a lot of time, and help you avoid forgetting a crucial aspect of your ad strategy.

At Lead to Conversion™, we have a lot to offer for senior living marketing

senior living marketing consultants for assisted living communities

You can start by downloading our free senior living lead generation guide to attract leads and maximize conversions through digital marketing. If you’d like even more hands-on assistance, consider checking out our digital advertising services and requesting a marketing consultation today.

Why Pay Per Click is Effective in the Senior Care Industry

PPC advertising can be an effective way to market your senior care center. By using specific and relevant keywords, you may attract just the kinds of leads you’re looking for. 

To optimize your PPC campaigns, consider the following tips:

  1. Use relevant keywords.
  2. Create compelling PPC copy.
  3. Optimize your landing pages.
  4. Increase your quality score.
  5. Get help from advertising experts.

Do you have any questions about PPC advertising for your senior living community? Feel free to ask away in the comments section below!