What are the Benefits of an SEO Audit?

The word “audit” makes most of us think of taxes – and something that is undesirable, something that is best avoided. But it need not be this way. An SEO audit has nothing to do with government-types rifling through your receipts from 4 years ago. What is an SEO...

Important Factors to Consider For Website SEO

You have built a website that is a thing of beauty, where visitors glide through a seamless experience that leaves them wanting to return. But those are just the visitors that are able to find your website, which is, thus far, a severely confined universe. There are...

Should You Consider Spanish SEO for Your Website?

The Hispanic population in America is predicted to reach 30% of the entire population by the year 2050, which is a dramatic increase of almost 165% from the year 2017. And according to Pew Research, 36% of the American Hispanic population is bilingual, 38% speak...

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