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Need help marketing your healthcare practice online but aren’t sure where to start? Download our ultimate guide to healthcare digital marketing that will provide a step-by-step plan you can deploy over the next 30 days.


Of all of the marketing options available to healthcare professionals, marketing their practice online is the preferred method since statistics show most people research symptoms and other health information online prior to searching for a doctor or physician to contact.

Online marketing is also the most cost-effective and quantifiable form of promoting a practice or hospital system to a large audience. Healthcare digital marketing, in nearly all its forms, applies to all healthcare disciplines whether you’re operating a private homeopathic practice or a large hospital system.

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Your website is the hub of all your marketing efforts, making it a crucial aspect of your success. If you want to acquire new patients from the internet, the most important asset you’ll need is a responsive healthcare website design that is search engine friendly, conversion-focused, content-rich, and easy to navigate on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Here at Lead to Conversion™, we’ve worked with dozens of healthcare businesses developing best-in-class website experiences built around their brand and voice with user-intent built into the layout and content. The end result is a content-rich conversion machine that works 24/7 bringing in new patient inquiries for your practice.
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LOCAL SEO (Google Business Profile)

Physicians and private practices with physical locations know the importance of being found online locally by a proactive audience searching for their services. And since nearly all healthcare providers have physical offices, and an interest in acquiring local patients, it’s of utmost importance to have Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization as a part of your healthcare marketing strategy. Our healthcare local SEO services can help you maximize your online visibility and attract a steady stream of local patients.

Just like PPC and SEO that require unique skills and methodologies to achieve goals and objectives, Google Business Profile requires a unique approach to push listings up the local search results into the prized “3 pack” which are the first three listings that appear in the map section of search. Lead to Conversion™ has a strong track record of pushing our client’s listings up the GBP results and have seen firsthand how these listings provide incredible returns on marketing dollars. Marketing trends also indicate healthcare companies are aggressively optimizing their GBP profiles since the evidence shows prominently placed GBP listings can outpace organic and PPC patient inquiries.

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Content marketing should be included in every digital marketing campaign. Content marketing comes in many forms, but the main focus is to cement your brand as an authority in your areas of specialty and provide your visitors with high-quality information about your services.

Healthcare consumers are increasingly turning to online resources to research and self-diagnose before seeking medical care from a healthcare provider. By providing informative content as part of your healthcare marketing strategy, your organization can meet this growing demand and become a trusted source of medical information for patients and prospective patients. This can help to attract new patients and enhance the overall care experience for existing patients. Topics covered in a content marketing strategy vary from practice to practice, but often include things ranging from symptoms to pain management to “how to” style blog posts and articles. Lead to Conversion™ has written thousands of pages of healthcare copy over the years and has covered nearly every subject. All of our content is written by experts who thoroughly understand the medical field. Each unit produced is carefully crafted to establish trust with readers and written with an authoritative voice and persuasive language and optimized to start ranking quickly after publication.

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Healthcare organizations around the globe understand the value of a sustained healthcare SEO strategy since greater than 70% of search engine traffic originates from organic listings.

They also understand that unlike PPC which can be more expensive and offers no residual traffic and lead acquisition value if it’s turned off, organic traffic provides long-term residual value when properly executed. Lead to Conversion™ has had the honor of doing SEO for some of the world’s most respected and recognizable brands including Cleveland Clinic and Mercy. We’ve also worked with many physician practice networks and individual practices producing results for them month after month. This experience and expertise with healthcare practices large and small is something that sets us apart and can help you gain an advantage in the very competitive healthcare market.

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PPC advertising is a preferred marketing channel for both established and emerging healthcare providers. PPC provides its advertisers with better control of monthly budget allocation and the ability to change keyword targets, matching options, geographic targets, and so much more on the fly.

Lead to Conversion™ has extensive knowledge in Paid Advertising with an unparalleled track record in managing Google Ads, Bing Ads, and affiliated sites. Most of our clients we’ve worked with over the years up their monthly budget within the first 45 days of campaign commencement due to strong ROI metrics and our granular reporting capabilities.

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Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram represent millions of active user accounts in the US alone. These social profiles provide an immense audience for hospital systems and private practices alike to amplify brand awareness and establish a strong and sustainable social media presence.

LinkedIn is another platform we recommend for establishing B2B referral networking and partnerships, but for direct patient influence and potential service inquiries, statistics show Facebook and Instagram are the top platforms performance-wise. Lead to Conversion™ has run countless organic social media campaign marketing for healthcare providers including daily updates with industry news, new hire announcements, inspirational images and memes, video posts, event announcements and so much more. We’ve also run successful paid advertising campaigns for all types of ads including video ads, carousel ads, canvas ads, etc. Since not all social campaigns are created equal in terms of specialty, geography, and demographics, we take the time to understand each client’s needs in a social strategy and carefully create organic and paid strategies guaranteed to resonate with your followers and target audience.

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Email marketing continues to be a highly effective digital communication channel used by healthcare practices to stay in contact with current patients or generate new interest with targeted outreach campaigns.

In today’s world of marketing, email marketing is very much alive, but should only be focused on opt-in emails from previous patient inquiries and also to enhance engagement with existing patients by providing pertinent health information and updates. Lead to Conversion™ has worked on thousands of successful email pushes for our clients and knows what it takes to break through the inbox clutter, get noticed, and get opened. From subject line to headline to visually stunning email template development and expertly written copy and calls-to-action, we take our client’s email marketing game to a whole new level of dominance that produces results.

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Optimized press releases are a great way for hospital systems and private practices to make announcements about things such as opening up new locations, designing a brand new site, new capabilities, merger announcements, etc.

The key to success in press releases is to optimize them for direct traffic potential and for incremental link popularity building. At Lead to Conversion™, we’re obsessed with perfection and write press releases that pack a punch. Not only are our press releases written with brand voice, but provide multiple impact points including top placement in news search, ability to rank in organic search for branded and non-branded queries, and strategically placed and optimized links that drive direct traffic to the site from the PR as well as improving link popularity metrics.


Call Tracking

Healthcare facilities are oftentimes heavily reliant on inbound phone calls for acquiring new patients. Because of this, Lead to Conversion™ provides call tracking to our clients so we can track all inbound phone inquiries back to their originating source.

Google Analytics Setup &
Ongoing Monitoring

Our clients are obsessed with results and the ability to track how their marketing budget is being used and whether it’s producing an ROI… and so are we. Whether we’re running a PPC-only campaign, conducting best practices healthcare SEO, or a holistic strategy encompassing all of our digital marketing services, Lead to Conversion™ will set up Google Analytics and create unique goal triggers for each channel and desired action/goal within it. Since we track each channel individually, we’re able to quantify ROI for everything we do and our clients see it firsthand in their own analytics accounts.

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Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console provides a wealth of data about a website not easily discoverable by manual review or by other 3rd party tools. GSC data includes all types of pertinent information regarding SEO performance including impressions, clicks, keyword phrases placement averages, error and penalty information, and more. For clients who don’t already have Google Search Console in place, we will set up GSC for the site and use the data it provides throughout our engagement for insights on issues needing fixed and how we can enhance organic SEO performance.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager is a great way for larger, more complex sites to have a singular source for placing tracking code and general coding into containers which helps prevent the site from getting bogged down on load time which can negatively affect user experience and SEO. At Lead to Conversion™, we evaluate client sites and depending on their 3rd party tool’s code bloat, will set up GTM containers to free up the site to perform better in both desktop and mobile.

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