The Right Content Marketing Strategy Can Make All of the Difference

Marketing is how companies and businesses communicate with consumers. It’s an organic way to get customers to act the way you want them to behave. In today’s consumer-driven, digital age, marketing is playing an even greater role than ever before. Comprehensive planning, strategy creation and the implementation of marketing plans can make or break a product or business. Online traffic and sales are becoming vital for a business to be successful.

This is where content marketing agencies come in. The experts at Lead to Conversion can help take your content marketing efforts to the next level and provide serious results with proven online strategies and content plans.

What is Content Marketing?

When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad on your favorite website? When have you ever watched a YouTube ad all the way through before your video started? Since consumers can now easily skip or block the advertising and marketing coming through on their screens or smartphones, content marketing strategies have become the best way for businesses to communicate with their consumers in a meaningful and organic way.

Simply speaking, content marketing works by developing and implementing relevant and valuable content to define an online audience and keep them coming back for more. This type of marketing comes in many forms that can include blogging, social media, and other public relations strategies.

As consumers become savvier and able to avoid traditional advertising and marketing ploys, companies must innovate and discover new ways to get their product to the front of consumer’s minds. When you consider how technology is making it easier to avoid advertisements, with things such as DVR’s to skip commercials or pop-up blockers and other programs to block ads on the computer, it’s easy to understand how content marketing agencies gained popularity.

What are the Benefits of these Strategies?

The top content marketing companies like Lead to Conversion work to create meaningful content strategies that will not only get your business noticed online and attract new users to your pages but will also convert those potential sales in customers and repeat clients.

Some of the other benefits of these plans include:

Increased Opportunities: By spending more time on your content and creating meaningful content, you are bulking up your website or social media page and enticing users to spend more time on your page. The longer someone spends with your brand, the more likely your message will stick, and you can convert a prospective client into a customer.

Improved Visibility in Search Engines: Search engine optimization is a hot topic these days, but what you need to know is that regularly updating your website with relevant content, or adding blogs to your site gives Google more opportunities to index and track your website. In turn, this means you may rank higher in search queries. This is especially true if you begin to target keywords in your content or write about topics that your customers typically search for.

More Followers: It may seem petty at first to worry about how many followers or likes you have on any given social media platform, but for businesses, the amount of likes, shares, and follows is just more opportunities to reach an audience. Having many unique followers also makes your business look more credible. As you continue to post valuable and interesting content, your followers will share, comment or like your posts, creating more opportunities to gain even more followers.

Savings: Digital content marketing is much less expensive than traditional advertising or marketing methods. By offering compounding results, businesses can see positive returns in a matter of months. Over time, returns will increase even more. This type of marketing is also relatively risk-free since the cost to implement it is so low, and the potential returns and conversions are so high.

It Works for Everyone: No industry would not benefit from a content marketing strategy. From plumbing to fashion, construction to retail, real estate to fitness, and the industries that could benefit from these types of strategies is never-ending.

Brand Loyalty: By providing readers and users with new, valuable content improves brand loyalty and forms a tighter relationship between the business and its customers. By working with brand ambassadors, and always producing interesting content, your customers will rely on you as a main source of information and feel more affiliated with your organization.

Which Type of Content to Choose?

When discussing digital content, it’s important to consider your industry and audience when deciding which types of content to focus on. Working with a content marketing firm provides you with an advantage, as we can easily identify the most valuable platforms to post your content.

There is a wide range of online platforms to choose from and at Lead to Conversion, we recommend considering all of them when planning your content marketing strategy:

  • Blog content with commenting and sharing options
  • YouTube videos with sharing and commenting options
  • Use of infographics
  • SlideShare presentations
  • iTunes podcasts
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other relevant social media sites
  • And more!

Lead to Conversion can research which platforms your competitors are using and advise you on which online platforms will be the best home for your content.

To quickly get more information about how this can help your business contact Lead to Conversion today.

How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is not a one-size-fits-all process. Working with a content marketing firm will allow you to fully take advantage of the benefits of these strategies.

However, several core components should be included in every strategy, regardless of the business or organization, they include:

Goals for the Business: This part of the plan is where you will outline your goals and reasons why you want to create content. As the first step of the process, these reasons and goals can change as you figure out what works best for you.

Opportunities: This is where you will outline your specific content goals and think of any areas where you may encounter challenges or opportunities to grow or take your business in an unexpected direction.

Content Maps: By creating a content map, you can identify your potential audiences and learn what their specific needs and interests are. This is helpful when planning specific content cycles.

Brand Direction: By solidifying your brand history, ideas, messages and values you can better create a voice for your content and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Channel Plan: This step can be considered fine-tuning the details. This is where you and your content marketing company decide on which platforms to publish your content.

These content marketing strategies may change as your business or organization matures, so it’s important to review the plan now and then to make the necessary changes to move forward.

Should you Write your Own Content or Hire a Content Writer?

One of the reasons that businesses choose not to use content marketing strategies is a lack of time. Blogging and creating meaningful and relevant content to post on a regular basis takes time. In many cases, businesses simply do not have the time for this activity and are, therefore, missing out on the amazing benefits of these types of strategies. This is where hiring a content writer comes into play.

While writing your own blogs may seem like a good idea to begin with, it takes consistency and time to build a successful blog and allow content to stick. In many cases, it’s common for businesses to blog sporadically and eventually completely stop blogging because other projects and priorities get in the way.

Some of the benefits of hiring a content writer to produce your blogs and other online content are:

  • A professional writer can produce a larger volume of work in a shorter period of time.
  • They can start right away, so the flow of work is steady.
  • The research is done for you, if they have specific questions about your business, a quick email or phone call can ensure the right information is being communicated.
  • Content writers understand content marketing and the best way to structure a blog post to get the most engagement from readers.
  • Editing is done for you, no need to worry about grammar and spelling since it is taken care of before it gets to you.
  • It’s easier for a writer to stay committed to a strict schedule. This means your content will be on time, and you won’t have to worry about putting off a more important project to write a blog.

Some of the downsides of hiring a content writer to produce your online content are that there will be an added expense, and you do not have as much control over what is being written. This can often seem overwhelming to managers and leaders, however, if treated properly, the additional expense of hiring content writers will be well worth it.

Ways to Promote Content

Any good content marketing strategy will take into consideration how to promote the content. Simply putting it out there for the world is not enough to make people pay attention. There needs to be something to draw users and readers in. For that, we promote content.

Since content marketing focuses on inexpensively and organically drawing readers to your website or social media page, the trick when promoting your content is to share on these pages.

If you have a new blog post, share it on all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Other ways to promote content is by sending it out to a mailing list. Not everyone enjoys receiving bulk mail, so this type of promotion should be reserved for only your best content. It’s also helpful to share content not necessarily created by your business. Relevant articles or videos from other reliable sources add variety to your pages and help establish your business as an active member on your social media platforms.

How Often Should Content be Updated?

We say to update content regularly, so does this mean every day, once a week, once a month? The answer is wildly different for each business. At Lead to Conversion, we work with each client to create specific timelines for updating and refreshing content.

It’s also possible to repurpose content for different platforms. For instance, a blog series can be refreshed as an e-book that is sent to customers, the audio from online videos can be turned into podcasts, or screenshots from the main points in a video can be used in presentations. Regardless of how you choose to repurpose the content, just by putting fresh ideas out there, you are giving your readers or customers more reasons to stay on your page and engage.

How will We See a Difference?

There are a few ways to tell if digital content marketing is working for you. Seeing live results in your followers, comments and likes is one way to tell if users are engaging with your online content. Other ways to tell include working with analytics software such as Google Analytics.

These programs help you track the traffic on your website and see where that specific traffic is coming from. By identifying the traffic sources and audience clicking on your website, you can better cater your content to popular sources and continue to move forward with a more fluid content marketing plan.

No matter what industry you are in content marketing can be an effective strategy. We’ve created successful campaigns for companies in industries such as Addiction Treatment and Senior Living.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Content marketing companies work to efficiently and inexpensively improve your branding, drive sales, convert readers to customers and give you greater exposure online. In a world where referrals and valuable content is more trusted than advertising, your business is missing out if you are not at least considering the option of creating a content marketing strategy.

Especially considering that your competitors are probably already taking advantage of the benefits.

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