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Convert Your Clicks into Customers

Conversion is our specialty. We’ll create highly targeted PPC ads, leverage A/B testing, optimize website landing pages, and more, all of which will help to ensure that more of your visitors turn into quality leads and sales. All results are measurable and reported on a regular basis, so you can see the benefits for yourself.

Our PPC Campaign Managers are Google AdWords Certified, a distinction given only to those who have demonstrated their expertise in PPC advertising. You can count on our experience and expertise to ensure that every marketing dollar is spent in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Keyword Selection: The Right Keywords Change Everything


The keywords you target with your PPC campaigns play a huge role in the results you see, influencing what kind of visitors you attract, how many clicks you generate, your level of competition and your cost per click (CPC), and ultimately, how many sales and conversions you complete. Choose the wrong keywords, and you might as well be flushing money down the toilet.

We take the time to get to know your brand, your customer’s searching patterns, and even your competition’s search engine marketing strategies, so that we can target the keywords that give you the best opportunity to attract the most customers and highly qualified prospects.

Bid Modeling: Achieve Solid Returns on Your PPC Campaign

Our goal is to help you see the most conversions for the lowest possible cost. And keyword bidding is one of the most important factors which influences the ROI of your campaigns, which is why we provide extensive bid modeling services. By studying the competitive landscape, researching search patterns, exploring new trends, and planning your daily ad budget, we’ll help you achieve optimal ad placement and tangible results.

While managing your PPC campaign, we track and test everything—keyword performance, cost-per-click, visitor patterns on landing pages, and so much more. This provides us with rich insights into campaign performance, so we can make smart adjustments to further improve your return on investment. We are continually monitoring the bidding process, helping to control price so you get the maximum impact from your daily ad budget.

Ad Copy Testing: Getting You More Clicks and More Conversions

It’s vital to continually test your ad copy and we do just that. After all, how can you know with absolute certainty what works and what doesn’t work if you don’t run thorough tests?

We run different versions of your ads to find the copy which produces the best results, focusing on:

  • Headline copy
  • Ad copy
  • Keyword selection
  • Call to action phrasing
  • Your offer
  • Landing page content

Throughout every aspect of your paid search campaign, we’re constantly working to improve your performance, helping you get more leads and more sales.

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Brian was incredible. This sort of service and expertise is so needed and so hard to find. You allowing me to pay for the use of a guru mind really sets your company apart, and having a mind like Brian’s on staff gives you a real edge. I will definitely be contacting you every few months for additional consulting. Thank you!

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Integrated Paid & Organic Search Strategies

Integrating your paid and organic search strategies into one cohesive, targeted approach will produce superior results for your business.

Lead to Conversion has a team of experienced search professionals who will design and implement a results-driven strategy for your company. We have worked with businesses from all across the country, with different goals and in different industries, and what remains consistent is our ability to deliver each of them the winning edge they need.

When you hire different companies to manage your organic and your paid search campaigns, or you approach them separately, you’re missing out a chance to produce synergy between them, and create a smooth and cohesive online identity. Without an integrated strategy, you may even end up competing with yourself, decreasing your performance in one area or driving up costs in another.

You’ll receive cost-efficient pay-per-click and paid search campaigns, along with improved organic rankings, all for the most important keywords and phrases related to your business. Our thorough research and planning, consistent, careful testing and optimization, and ongoing reporting and evaluation all will enhance the results that you experience.

Integrated paid and organic search engine marketing may be the difference maker you’ve been searching for to take your business to the next level.

Contact us today for a FREE  consultation.

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Like What You See?

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