benefits of an seo auditThe word “audit” makes most of us think of taxes – and something that is undesirable, something that is best avoided. But it need not be this way. An SEO audit has nothing to do with government-types rifling through your receipts from 4 years ago.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is an evaluation of how optimized your website is for search engines and is a key first step in search engine optimization.


And what kinds of things does an SEO auditor do?

An SEO auditor will, like all worthy auditors, have a checklist that will provide the structure of the audit.

An effective SEO audit will:

  • Review your SMART goals – the measurable results that you are chasing
  • Review your keywords, evaluating them as to relevance
  • Assess your direct competitors; checking for the duplication of your keywords, evaluating their successful content and reviewing their posted links as possibilities for your website
  • Perform a technical analysis, rating your website’s compatibility with mobile devices, its loading time, whether your site survives when Java has been turned off and so on.
  • Review how easy you’ve made it to share content for your site
  • Review your content for relevance and authenticity

What are the benefits of SEO audits?

1. An SEO audit will reveal the weaknesses in your SEO strategy

An SEO audit will clearly point out weaknesses in your SEO strategy and recommend fixes for them: For example, you may have buried the physical address of your business deep within your site, where adding a separate page on your site that clearly posts your location will result in more locally based searches finding you.

Or perhaps you have misidentified the keywords that you have strategically distributed on your site; relevant keywords are essential if you hope to be easily found by Google.

2. An SEO audit will reveal what your direct competitors are doing better than you

It is likely that you have a direct competitor or two that are achieving better results in Google search ranking than you are. Wouldn’t you love to know their secrets?

Well, your SEO auditor will analyze the actions behind their successes and share this information with you, suggesting how you might make changes that result in your competing on an even footing.

3. An SEO audit brings a new focus to your SEO strategy

At the end of an SEO audit, you will be left with a comprehensive checklist of actions that you can take to improve your SEO, such as writing fundamental keywords in HTML instead of Java, adding meta descriptions to all of your blog posts, and making your website faster.

And then you wait. The most exciting outcome of an SEO audit is watching your website move up in Google search rankings.

If you need the help of search engine optimization experts to conduct an SEO audit contact Lead to Conversion™ today.