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When it comes to building effective marketing strategies, few industries require as much emotional connection as nursing homes. When a prospective client is searching for a nursing home for their aging loved one, they’re not just choosing the best price or the nicest accommodations; they’re choosing a new home for someone who helped shape them. They’re facing guilt, feeling overwhelmed, and confused. Effective nursing home marketing tactics will incorporate facts, stress-relief, and honest communication.

5 Marketing Ideas For Nursing Homes

Give Your Clients An Online Support System

Your clients need a support system. They may be getting pressure to keep mom out of a nursing home altogether. They may be providing physical care and struggling with financial stress. You can make a significant impact by offering an online support system like a private Facebook group for the children of residents or an online library of helpful resources.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Your clients are on social media. And, they absolutely will expect your community to have a page on their favorite sites. Don’t just build a page out of obligation. Take advantage of the platform and post videos of residents having fun, video tours of apartments, interviews with family members and staff, and other things your audience will love.

Blog, Blog, Blog

When someone is searching for a nursing home for their loved ones, they have an endless number of questions. It’s very likely that they’ve never explored the world of nursing homes before, so everything is new and confusing. A vast and varied blog that answers these questions can act as a resource for clients and a way to build authority in your industry.

Ask For Reviews

Personal recommendations are the number one way customers build trust in new companies. If they can’t get personal recommendations, they’ll go to the next best thing: online recommendations from people who’ve been in their situation. They’ll check sites like Yelp and look for recommendations on your website; make sure they find something positive. Ask for reviews often. The best time to ask for reviews is after a resident has been living in your nursing home for a couple of weeks and after large social events. Be sure to get reviews from children and grandchildren as well as nursing home residents.

Use Email Marketing

Email is such an underutilized resource in assisted living marketing. Take advantage of this gap by designing a short series of intro emails. When someone tours your property, add them to an automatic funnel of 5-7 emails that offers pure value. The emails can contain links to helpful blogs on your website, worksheets to help them physically move their parents, questions to ask other communities, etc. A thoughtful email marketing campaign can help build trust and establish your community as a leader in the industry.

Coming up with assisted living marketing ideas can be tricky. You’re balancing high emotions, financial fears, confusion, and guilt. By building a complex digital marketing strategy, you can act not only as a marketer but as a compassionate resource to help guide your clients through the process from start to finish. For more nursing home marketing ideas, contact us today.