why web design is important for senior living centers

With so many choices, selecting a senior living center can be overwhelming for potential residents and their families. Your senior center may offer great service and a thriving community, but if your website doesn’t reflect these attributes, it may not be given the consideration it should. 

Fortunately, by using our senior living website design services you can create a user-friendly site that matches the atmosphere and community of your senior living center and helps you attract future residents. Beautiful and efficient web design can set you apart from the competition and build trust.

In this article, we’ll explain the importance of strong web design for your senior living marketing. Then we’ll explore the key elements you’ll want to include when designing your website. Let’s get started!

How High-Quality Web Design Can Benefit Your Senior Living Business

High-quality web design plays a crucial role in how potential clients and their adult children view your business. A well-designed site projects an immediate sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. This is essential if you want seniors and their families to rely on you to provide a safe and welcoming living environment.

In addition to encouraging leads to trust your authority in the industry, your website can also build brand awareness. Visual appeal can help you make a good first impression as well, and a site that resonates with your target market is likely to generate more leads. 

In other words, if your site is well-designed, it’s easier for your business to stand out among other assisted living facilities. With the tight competition in this industry, anything that can give you an edge in competition is useful. 

5 Key Web Design Elements to Make Your Senior Living Website Stand Out

A quality site speaks to your target audience and highlights your community’s values. If you want your website to generate leads and help grow your business, there are five key elements to keep in mind.

1. Build Effective Landing Pages to Encourage Visitors to Take Action

A landing page is a specific area of your site where you direct visitors to take some kind of action, such as signing up for your mailing list or scheduling a tour. It’s typically accessed via a link on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or through a marketing campaign:

how to build landing pages to encourage interaction

Sometimes these pages offer special deals to visitors who convert. Other times they may simply include a Call to Action (CTA) button, like in the above example from Atria Senior Living. The important thing when designing your landing page is to offer something of value to engage your visitors.

2. Offer Clear CTAs to Entice Visitors to Take the Next Step

On your landing pages and across your site, you want your CTAs to be visible and clearly state their purpose. A wise practice is using buttons to make your links stand out. This way, visitors will more easily be able to contact you, apply to be a resident, and take other key actions:

offering clear call to action buttons

In the example above, the GenCare Lifestyle website uses bright orange buttons you can’t miss. On the side, it also has links for contacting the business by phone or email. Most importantly, there’s a clear and prominent CTA button.

3. Keep Design Simple So Visitors Are Not Confused

It’s important to keep your site’s structure as simple as possible. If people can’t find their way around your site, they’ll likely leave and search elsewhere. Avoiding overcrowding, using simple forms, and implementing intuitive navigation can help:

keeping web designs simple for user experience

In the example above, all of the information the Bella Vista Senior Living website has to offer is clearly labeled and available from the navigation tabs at the top. If you’d like to look at floor plans, you’ll simply click on the relevant tab. The same is true for other information. 

If you’re unsure about your site’s structure or design, you may want to consider hiring professionals to help. At Lead to Conversion™, we offer top-notch web design services and have a strong track record working with assisted living facilities.

4. Make Text Legible So Visitors Can Read It

Older generations are increasingly tech-savvy, and many seniors do their own research into assisted living options. Using large, legible fonts will make it easier for them to use your website. Keep in mind that you may also have visually impaired visitors who are interested in your site:

use clear and legible texts that aren't hard to read

In the example above, once again from the Bella Vista Senior Living website, you can see that important text is sized so that it’s highly visible. It also uses a simple, sans serif font for easy reading.

5. Use Quality Photos to Build a Sense of Community

It’s very important for the photos you use on your website to be professional and stunning. Additionally, you may want to include images of more than just your facility and its amenities. Photos of residents and staff having fun and engaging in activities can entice leads to convert: 

use quality photos to make your website look professional

Residents often choose where they live based on its community, not just its floor plan. In the example above, the Leisure Care website uses high-quality photos of seniors having a good time, along with plenty of photos of its facility. 


A strong website can help your senior living center stand out from the competition. High-quality web design will help you build brand awareness, resonate with your target market, and generate leads.

Five key tips for designing a better senior living website include:

  1. Build effective landing pages to encourage visitors to take action.
  2. Offer clear CTAs to entice visitors to take the next step.
  3. Keep design simple so visitors are not confused.
  4. Make text legible so visitors can read it.
  5. Use quality photos to build a sense of community.

Do you have any questions about website design for your senior living center, or how we can help? Contact the experts at Lead to Conversion™ for a free quote today!