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Creating a professional content marketing strategy is key for any business looking to engage with an audience in the digital space. Since digital marketing has taken over as the primary source of ad traffic and engagement, the content marketing process has changed to be more streamlined and user-friendly while retaining tried-and-true marketing techniques.

Even with all the marketing tools available to help create and schedule a content marketing strategy, it’s the human touch that makes truly interactive content that can’t be replicated by an automated system. Here are some of the best tips to follow for an effective digital content marketing strategy.

Create a User-Friendly Site

Between personal computers, smartphones and televisions, there’s no escaping screens in today’s digital marketing era.

While static ads are easily created and slotted into their respective ad space, creating content for a website takes extra care and consideration.

In the last decade, online users have spent less and less time on websites before deciding whether they’ll stay. Valuable content in new formats is one of the most effective ways to grab that user’s attention before they opt for a competitor’s site instead.

Develop With Visitors in Mind

Google Analytics Events is a free tool that helps determine which page of the site is being clicked off the most to see if it needs to be replaced with a new landing page or removed entirely. Some key factors that can help keep guests on your site include:

  • Maintaining fast load speeds
  • Providing simple and intuitive navigation
  • Using keywords based on the target audience for more value
  • Verifying all information is correct and all links are functional

The user experience also needs to be consistent across all static and landing pages to provide visitors with a seamless buyer’s journey.

The whole process for a guest, from the first visit to them taking action through a purchase or appointment, should consist of an information stream catered to specific audiences. This allows a brand to generate more leads in an organic and creative way.

Review Your Competitors’ Content Marketing Strategy

Originality in content strategy can be difficult, with many new businesses entering the market at a record pace. In order to stand out and position your business as an authority in your industry, you’ll want to take a look at what’s working and what’s failing for the competition.

A successful content marketing strategy requires adaptability to changes in audience preferences. An established company may have notoriety, but this quickly fades if it fails to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer base.

It’s Possible To Keep Up

Organic and creative content marketing is the answer to the constant sea of change that still leverages your brand’s experience in the industry.

Even after implementing a successful content strategy, you should regularly calibrate against a gap analysis to see how your company is performing compared to your business goals and the average within your industry.

Develop a Unique Content Marketing Strategy for Social Media

Given how prevalent social media is in every aspect of our lives, it only makes sense that a proper social media content strategy can see returns and engagements at higher numbers than traditional advertising.

There’s no shortage of social media platforms to advertise on, from the original sites such as Facebook to newer platforms like TikTok, where a staggering number of users from all backgrounds come to connect or share a post they enjoyed.

For many business owners, content creation for social media posts can seem like a daunting task. It’s true that a social media strategy requires consistent posts, leading many owners to form a team of content creators while they simply review each piece and conduct a content audit to make sure everything is still aligned with the company’s goals and voice.

Provide High-Quality and Valuable Information

Having instant access to the cumulative knowledge of the world in our pockets has made information overload a common issue in website design and when creating a marketing plan.

Being able to speak on a subject with authority helps potential customers trust what’s being said, but the contents of a blog post or newsletter are what truly matters. Businesses without active blogs or consistent email marketing quickly fall out of the minds of digital consumers.

In order to strike a balance between keeping in touch and spamming consumers with marketing materials, organizations are choosing to put more time and effort into creating more value through these written pieces.

It’s About Giving Them Something for Their Time

Potential customers also want to see a product or service in action, making videos and customer testimonials a must to convince new visitors that your business is unique from the rest.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, half of all businesses spend their content marketing strategy time and budget on channels such as their own website, blog and printed materials including magazines.

Use these spaces to create high-quality content that grabs the attention of both guests and search engines in addition to your regular promotional content.

Content teams are able to handle all aspects of a content marketing strategy, from a standard blog post to announcements of new products and services.

creative brandingUse Careful and Consistent Brand Messaging

Content analytics and a well-planned content calendar allow your team to fine-tune their strategy thanks to the in-depth data from these tools. Putting your marketing power where it matters most can’t happen without understanding the messages you’re sending, along with where they’re being seen.

A new social media content strategy will need to begin with a review of available social media platforms, their strengths and ideas to leverage those strengths. The most common platforms currently used for digital marketing include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

The goal is to avoid posting any content on a platform that won’t help to promote and share the post. Think about how each platform is used by you and others on a daily basis. Twitter has become the go-to for immediate interactions and announcements that are shorter in nature.

Videos made for content marketing fare better on Instagram or TikTok, where the users are accustomed to slightly longer-form content. Create content and follow specific steps to optimize each post, as it’s common for consumers to spend a majority of their free time on social media.

Find Your Brand Voice Today!

Every brand needs an audience, and acquiring one means a thorough content plan of ideas stemming from research data. It’s no small feat to maintain a brand, which is where Lead to Conversion comes in.

We’re interested in companies that want to marry creativity and success within their content goals. From research to creating text and video campaigns, our team can help your brand become an example for others in your industry to look up to and follow.