Since 2008, the use of customer relationship management technology, or CRM, has increased from 12% to 87%. The ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with and manage clients is useful for all industries, especially health care. CRM lets you maintain a database of referral partners, easily access contact information and quickly schedule appointments, all of which leads to an increased efficiency that translates to higher revenue and superior customer service. More and more hospice providers are reaping the benefits of CRM software, and those that don’t hop on the trend risk falling behind. 

Of course, with all the CRM software for hospice care out there, it can be difficult to choose. Here are some of the best hospice CRM options out there. 

Alora Home Health

Alora Home Health is a comprehensive software solution designed for hospice and home health agencies. It stands out due to its competitive prices and high functionality and offers several amenities, including:

  • Scheduling
  • Documentation
  • Billing
  • Tracking visits

Not only can users schedule and track visits in real time, but they can also generate and track CMS forms for Medicaid and Medicare, such as 485s and 487s. Due to automation, finished appointments immediately move to payroll. Moreover, the system is easily accessible across a number of devices, including computers and smartphones. While the software is easy to use, if users have any difficulties, they can communicate with Alora Home Health’s support team. Its all-in-one abilities and dedicated support team make Alora Home Health one of the leading CRMs for hospice software on the market. 

Wellsky Home Health

Wellsky Home Health is another software designed for the home care and hospice industry. HIPAA-compliant, it comes with quality assurance and enables users to schedule visits, file claims, conduct financial reporting and analyze metrics. Some of its most unique amenities are its CareInsights and CareCommands features, which let agencies manage their patient population ahead of time. This is done by changing electronic health and medical data (EHR and EMR) into insights that help your team enhance patient experiences. These insights include:

  • Risk of hospitalization for patients
  • Best type of care setting for patient
  • Patient visit utilization

Being able to proactively take charge of your patients’ care by knowing their risk factors greatly improves their experience with your agency. For example, CareCommands can let you know if a patient needs acute care, which optimizes your workflow and lets you quickly adapt to meet their needs.  

MatrixCare Home Health and Hospice Software

MatrixCare has one goal for its software: to offer the best quality of life possible for patients in need of palliative care. It promotes a paperless system that begins with patient registration and continues all the way to billing. Its built-in checks send you alerts if any information or important documentation is missing, which eliminates the need to cancel appointments due to misunderstandings over paperwork. Not only does this help with customer service, but it also reduces the loss of revenue over cancellations. All information is backed up thanks to the cloud-based software. 

The MatrixCare software also offers real-time notifications that alert both staff and patients about upcoming appointments. Information can be viewed on easy-to-read spreadsheets, the software dashboard and reports, which allow for customization. In addition to enhancing the customer experience, this software tracks your key point indicators, or KPIs, to keep you informed about your progress. 

Axxess Hospice

Axxess Hospice is a hospice CRM that offers three central functions to optimize your workflow and increase your customer service:  

  • Schedule center
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Billing center

The schedule center lets staff quickly and efficiently manage appointments, updating them in real time to reflect any changes that may have taken place. This translates to fewer mistakes. For instance, an agency that doesn’t rely on an organized scheduling software is more susceptible to making errors when it comes to rescheduling or updating their appointments, which can be inconvenient to patients. This also translates to less time spent on paperwork. Moreover, the customizable dashboard allows staff to create the virtual work environment they desire; employee and patient schedules can be viewed through weekly, 14-day or monthly calendars. Users can also add visits without ever having to exit the page.

Another useful feature is the Billing Center, which lets you manage claims and track progress with ease. This software comes with a HIPAA-compliant mobile app and was designed by professionals in the hospice industry, which establishes its credibility as a useful piece of technology in health care.


As a cloud-based CRM software for hospice agencies, Careficient ensures that all your information is backed up and secured. It manages several things at once, including:

  • Employees and patients
  • Referral sources
  • Scheduling, appointments and follow-ups
  • Billing, invoicing and payroll
  • Documentation (electronic visit verification, OASIS forms)

Users can access all this information from a single interface, saving time and increasing efficiency. The system also stores information about employees, which can be quickly accessed when necessary. This includes billing information, compliance mandates and license expiration dates. Fast access to essential employee information is beneficial to both staff and health care agencies; employees can stay aware of their license requirements, while agencies can ensure their employees are paid promptly. Careficient stands out because it doesn’t just enhance the customer experience; it aims to improve the workplace for employees. 


Hummingbird is a web-based software for palliative care industries designed for interoperability. The software was created by dedicated caregivers who specialize in end-of-life care and know exactly what patients and staff need. Its mission is to save time and money, limit mistakes and increase the patient experience through collaboration. Everyone involved in patient care, from nurses and aides to social workers and volunteers, can use the application to work together and create the best possible quality of life for patients. 

Hummingbird is compatible with every major operating system, meaning it can be easily integrated into the system you already use. It also provides instant updates about visits and patient needs, greatly increasing the productivity and output of any hospice agency. 

Improving Palliative Care Through CRM

Incorporating customer relationship management software into your hospice agency makes things easier for both the staff and the patients, making it a great way to boost your revenue and reputation. When it comes to selecting CRM software for hospice, you can’t go wrong with any of the above options. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your personal preferences and budget needs. The only thing we can say for sure is that the benefits of CRM are something every hospice agency needs to be enjoying.