why conversion rate optimizationYou may have heard the term “conversion rate” used a lot as it relates to websites, but what exactly does it mean? In the simplest terms, conversion rate refers to the number (the percentage) of website visitors who do what you want them to do (often this involves buying something).

So conversion rate optimization (CRO) plays a vital role in your business’s success by ensuring your website is fine-tuned to maximize the conversion rate.

Many variables affect your conversion rate such as website copy, layout and contact forms to name just a few. Working with a CRO specialist can improve your sales and profitability. We hear from many customers who enjoy heavy traffic to their website but have dismal conversion rates. Having traffic is only good if your visitors are converting. So rather than focusing your efforts and money on driving more traffic to your site, it’s often more effective to establish solid CRO practices first to nudge or direct visitors in the right direction. You can then focus on the traffic afterward.

What Exactly Happens During Conversion Rate Optimization?

Your CRO expert may use one or several of the following techniques to improve your website’s performance:

Copy Testing: Content is still King, and the words you use on your page can make all the difference between high conversion rates and lackluster ones. All words on your website will be analyzed including headlines, buttons, call-to-actions and body content. If you have ad campaigns going on, those will be looked at too.

A/B Split Testing: Once you’ve polished your copy, graphics, and layout, you may wonder if a certain button color produces more clicks, or if a striking image attracts more visitors. A/B split testing allows you to test individual variables on your website at the same time to see which produces the best results.

Multi-Variate Testing: Testing different combinations and configurations of multiple variables is what this is all about. Your CRO specialist will help you manipulate various button colors, text, layout, and images to find the best option.

Conversion Funnel Testing: This examines the process visitors go through with your website from start to finish. Any areas that cause visitors to leave will be ironed out to ensure the user experience is as seamless and easy as possible.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Compared with the increasing cost of online advertising, particularly for competitive keywords in your market, conversion rate optimization is a relatively low-cost way to improve your profits. Here are a few benefits of optimizing your website’s conversion rate:

Learn more about your visitors. When was the last time you sat down and combed through the data your website tracks through analytics? Many companies are sitting on a wealth of data that’s not properly used. You’ll learn which links are the most clicked on, which aren’t working, how long visitors spend on each page and more.

Improve search engine rankings. CRO helps to decrease the bounce rate which is the number of visitors that leave your site. A lower bounce rate can help to increase your rankings.

CRO is low-risk as everything is safely conducted by a knowledgeable CRO team. You’ll be able to test your website safely and improve your business’s bottom line. Feel free to contact us today to discover why we are among the industry leaders in conversion rate optimization.

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