local seo for businessesIt may seem like just as you start to master one online marketing technique another pops up to replace it, and SEO is one of those areas that’s always evolving and changing. These days, the new kid on the block is local SEO, and if you’re not using it, then you’re most certainly losing out on business.

And if your first question was “what’s local SEO?” then you can at least rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. 

 Local SEO: A Quick Explanation

Simply put, it is a type of search engine optimization that focuses on tailoring content to a web user’s current location. The reason this is becoming increasingly important is because Google has realized that a huge number of web users use mobile devices to look up localized content in real time.

For instance, when you and a friend are out walking after seeing a movie and decide you feel like curry, there’s a good chance one or both of you will hop on your phone to check out nearby Indian restaurants. And if you’re the owner of a local Indian place with the best butter chicken in town, you’re going to want to make sure that those potential customers find your site.

Why Your Business Can’t Go Another Day Without It

More and more web browsing and proximity-based online searches for businesses are being done from mobile devices, and this gives businesses an opportunity to target potential customers who are currently in the right vicinity. And the rise of wearable devices means this number will continue to grow, as will the number of people that you’ll be able to find because they’re already looking for you.

And along with being able to target your marketing with pinpoint accuracy, another great thing about social SEO is that it’s still new enough that you’ll be one of the first out of the gate, meaning you’ll have a leg up over the neighborhood competition that hasn’t yet caught on. Moreover, a lot of tools are still available for free, so there’s no excuse for not taking advantage of them.

Getting Started With Basic Local Optimization

One of the first things you should do is claim your business page on Google Places. This means when people search for businesses like yours; your company will show up on the map in the search results, along with hours of operation, contact, business category, and even photos. You can also take this one step further and link your business’ Google Plus account with the Google Places listing, and that way you’ll have reviews, videos, comments, and other information available to customers as well. You can further optimize your Google accounts and pages by:

  • Including keywords in the information and titles
  • Selecting targeted business categories
  • Making sure your name, address, and phone number citations are included in the schema markup
  • Having customers provide reviews

Other techniques you can incorporate into your site today include embedding a map on your contact page and including your brand, keyword, and location in the title tag for every page.

Local SEO may just be the latest optimization incarnation, but it’s no less important for your business and your customers. By optimizing your site for local searches now, you’ll get a head start on the competition, be able to find more customers and make sure that the customers who are looking for you are able to find you.

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