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Links, or backlinks, can be viewed as a vote for your website’s popularity. Backlinks, also referred to as Inbound Links (IBLs), starts with site content and then having the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies in place to gain traffic, which is a major requirement for search engine ranking success. Link Building is the overall concept of having the right backlinks in place.

Search engines, like Google, assign values to links based on the search engines’ evolving and proprietary algorithms. Due to the value that search engine, like Google, places on backlinks, building quality, credible backlinks are important in any SEO strategy. While we don’t always know the details about the metrics that engines are using to evaluate links, our experience, and testing allow us to arrive at the assumptions that provide the basis for our best-practices in SEO, including link building. Often, these best-practices are known as “white-hat SEO” which means that the tactics are aligned with the search engines’ requirements to see quality backlinks as a sign of authority for your site.

Just as SEO strategies should not exclude link building, link building should not stand alone as an SEO tactic.

Ranking Factors

Over the years, ranking factors have changed and evolved. In the current environment, the following are the most important ranking factors for 2017:

  • Content that is inclusive of keywords, but written in natural language.
  • Quality backlinks from diverse and authoritative domains. In other words, quality, not quantity.
  • Mobile-first user experience since Google crawls for mobile versions of your site first.
  • Other technical factors about the site such as diverse and organic anchor text.

With content and links standing out as key ranking factors that determine how well a site will perform in organic search; and Google’s ability to judge the quality of backlinks, it is also important to consider evaluating the quality of all backlinks that currently exist for your site. There is no reason to start a link building campaign without also assessing the quality of current backlinks. If “spammy,” bad or low-quality backlinks are hindering your site’s ability to rank, it is just as important to address them as it is to build new quality backlinks.

Why Bad Links Exist and What to do About Them

There are several reasons why bad links exist which range from over-optimized text to links on unrelated websites. The good news is that there is a way to evaluate where the bad links exist and a recommended process to remove them. In cases where requests to remove links doesn’t produce the results you are looking for, there is also a process that allows you to request that Google “disavow” the offending links.

Best Practices for Link Building

Is your site ready for link building? Before jumping right in, there are a few things to consider:

  • Is your site worthy?
  • Do you have valuable content or something of value for your audience?
  • How does your existing backlink “inventory” look?

Once your site is ready for link building, it comes down to building relationships, offering quality content and targeting the right audiences for amplification. Here are some solid (authentic) link building tactics:

Outreach can take on the form of emails, direct messages, @mentions on Twitter and phone calls. Yes. Phone calls.

  • Link building should take on the form of building relationships with webmasters who have the “power” to consider whether or not your site is up to the standards they want to include when adding your site’s backlinks.

Broadcast and content distribution with social sharing, press releases, blog posts, and email campaigns.

Integrated marketing has a lot to do with link building. We’ve already established that link building requires nurturing by addressing SEO, outreach, and content distribution.

  • PPC and social ads provide an opportunity to extend your outreach, broadcast and content distribution efforts by targeting only those people who have expressed an interest or would benefit from what you have to offer.

With our knowledge and experience in the area of link building, we’ll conduct a thorough backlink analysis of to determine problems and opportunities for improvements as a part of link building.

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