Whether you already have a healthcare SEO strategy in place or are looking for ways to improve your results, Lead to Conversion can help. We work with local medical businesses to improve the results they’re getting from Google and other search engines.

Navigating online marketing for healthcare professionals can be complicated due to the special rules you must follow, and this is why you should work with search engine optimization experts who have a history of producing results for healthcare companies.

This guide reviews the benefits of SEO for healthcare businesses and how we can give you a competitive advantage.

Understanding Healthcare SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for any business that wants to thrive in today’s digital environment.

Healthcare websites strive to reach the specific types of patients they’re trying to serve as they compete with others to rank highly on search engine results pages. What makes it even more challenging is that healthcare SEO techniques need to comply with strict regulations to remain HIPAA compliant and meet other marketing conditions.

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers to improve their online presence and grow their medical business through targeted optimization practices. We do this by increasing search visibility, establishing credibility and using healthcare local SEO strategies to reach the people most likely to need your medical services.

Read on to learn how we use medical SEO strategy to help medical professionals book more new patients, generate greater revenue and become leaders in their communities.

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The Value of Healthcare SEO Services

Optimizing your healthcare website to rank better on local search engine results will maximize your return on investment and limit wasteful spending.

Healthcare organizations need to drive patients to clinics and facilities at the local level, so appearing in broader geographic results generates unproductive clicks. The benefits of a targeted optimization strategy include:

  • Your healthcare business becomes more visible to the people who matter and less visible to patients who are out of range.
  • Appearing in the right search results increases the chance that patients will take the next steps to seek care, such as verifying that their insurance covers treatment.
  • Medical website SEO establishes credibility and trust by presenting your healthcare organization as a leader by showing proven case studies and testimonials from real patients.
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Our SEO Services for Healthcare Providers

We offer customized solutions to drive the search traffic your medical practice website needs for your success. We start by evaluating your goals and what needs to happen to accomplish them.

The first step is an SEO audit during which we review your Google business profile and ranking factors to see how you can generate more local searches. We then offer a combination of keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation and creating the right internal and external links for your healthcare site.

The result is more organic traffic for medical practitioners in their areas of expertise. You’re able to focus on the health services you provide while our SEO implementation drives organic search results by targeting the right search engine users.

Using this healthcare SEO strategy lets healthcare businesses attract new patients and get the greatest return on investment from their marketing budgets.

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Our Approach to SEO for Healthcare

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing in the healthcare industry.

The website traffic you receive may be the result of very specific inquiries when potential patients are looking for answers to medical questions. We help websites develop strategies for their medical SEO that drive the right types of people to their door.

We optimize content to create engagement between the demographics you’re targeting and the medical health professionals who serve them. Building rapport and trust helps inspire regular search users to become patients.

Medical SEO needs to comply with state and federal regulations, including protecting patient privacy. Our strategies include making sure that your marketing efforts are in full compliance with HIPAA and other applicable regulations.

Key Components of a Successful Healthcare SEO Strategy

The most important components of a solid optimization strategy include keyword research, creating high-quality content for your target audience, building external and internal links to increase online visibility and making sure your SEO efforts aren’t hampered by a poorly functioning website. Our local healthcare SEO efforts begin with understanding search engine algorithms for healthcare marketing and building a digital marketing strategy around the correct search terms.

We then take a look at your current medical content and social media pages to determine how we can improve your web pages to rank well on all major search engines. We build links so search engine crawlers determine your page has greater relevance and deserves a higher Google search ranking. We then make sure your site reads well on computers, tablets and mobile devices so you’re giving the right impression to all your visitors.

Content Marketing and SEO for Healthcare

Patients often use online search to get answers to very specific questions.

They may be experiencing symptoms and want to know if they need to see a healthcare provider, or they may be browsing multiple medical sites before they decide which healthcare practitioners they want to see.

Aside from using the right medical keywords to drive better search rankings, you can create a competitive edge by giving those who land on your website the answers they’re looking for.

This makes you an authority in your medical field and creates more potential patients. We use your content to open dialogue between your patients and your medical practice via blogs, articles, social media content, patient testimonials and positive online reviews. Using the right keywords and creating healthcare content that increases your SEO rankings is fruitless without this vital step.

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Success Stories/Case Studies

A good example of what we can do for your business is our work with a concierge doctor in San Antonio. Our strategy wasn’t solely focused on search engine traffic.

We evaluated how the business was doing compared to other healthcare professionals in the area to determine how we could make the concierge doctor stand out among other healthcare companies. We evaluated the site’s speed for the web page, how well the content was ranking for relevant keywords and the conversion rate of traffic coming to the site.

An effective optimization strategy begins with creating content that resonates with patients and then concludes with phone calls and form submissions. We were able to increase inbound calls by 37% and form submissions by 60% and help our client acquire hundreds of new patients.

You can read what this client had to say about our work in this case study.

Measuring the Success of Your Healthcare SEO Campaign

You can use your Google search console to learn how you’re faring compared with competitors and to track the progress of your campaign.

The key performance metrics we use for SEO performance include how a site performs in search results, the quality of the traffic landing on the website and the conversion rate of traffic into patients.

We offer an extensive suite of tools you can use to monitor your progress and consistently review your performance metrics to see how we can provide even better results as your campaign progresses. We also make sure your site speed and user experience aren’t keeping potential visitors off your page and keep you up to date on what changes are happening in the greater realm of SEO for medical companies.

Overcoming Common Healthcare Search Engine Optimization Challenges

It takes more than a traditional SEO company to optimize content for healthcare businesses. This is because there are extra steps and challenges involved in marketing for the healthcare industry.

These steps include making sure you’re aware of changing regulations and remaining compliant with the law. Your healthcare website design also needs to protect patient privacy to be HIPAA compliant.

In addition to navigating regulations, we’re required to stay a step ahead of the game when Google and other search engines change the way your content may rank in a search result. We also strive to highlight what makes your business different compared to others like it so you stand out in a competitive market.

Why Choose Our SEO Agency for Healthcare?

We offer extensive experience in healthcare SEO and other digital marketing services such as healthcare Pay-Per-Click.

In fact, we have over 100 years of combined experience and are constantly learning what’s changing in the industry so you don’t need to spend your valuable time keeping up with Google’s changes.

This is why we have a proven track record of helping clients succeed with greater search traffic, higher clickthrough rates and more conversions.

Before we even begin creating your optimization strategy, we get to know how your business operates, what medical services you provide and how to tailor a plan to your business identity and needs.

The Path to Search Engine Marketing Success in Healthcare

If you want your healthcare services to be noticed by more people and generate more phone calls and form submissions, you need a solid healthcare SEO plan.

The right local SEO strategy will make your healthcare practice stand out from your competitors with a clear and unique identity. It will generate a steady stream of leads you can cultivate into a thriving medical practice over time.

As you begin to see success, we can fine-tune your strategy to get even better results and return on investment. All of this is why you should begin investing in professional SEO services for long-term growth if you haven’t already. Our digital marketing company can help because we know what it takes to increase your return on investment while keeping you compliant with the laws and regulations that govern medical marketing.

Are you ready to boost your online presence and attract more patients? Get in touch with us today.