How long does it take, on average, for a typical page on your website to load? If someone is new to your site, and the page doesn’t load immediately, they’re likely to leave and try the next site down in their search results instead.

That’s why web page speed optimization is crucial. Pages that load fast drive more traffic and lead to higher conversion rates. Therefore, each page of your site needs to be able to load immediately, no matter what location or device a visitor is using.

How Lead to Conversion Can Help

At Lead to Conversion, we offer a number of page speed optimization services to help you cut down on load times and keep customers engaged throughout their entire web browsing experience. These services include:

Leveraging Google Page Speed Optimization Tools

There are a variety of tools and applications designed to help you with page load speed optimization. Some of the best and most comprehensive are from an application group called Google PageSpeed. There are a number of different optimization tools under the PageSpeed umbrella, which serve a variety of important functions.

PageSpeed Module is an open-source application that automatically optimizes your site for speed, finding and eliminating the extraneous bits that slow down your site and cause load times to drag.

PageSpeed Insights, meanwhile, allows you to input any URL and provides an in-depth analysis of how quickly that page loads and what factors are contributing to its speed or lack thereof. This way, it can show you exactly what’s going on with your site’s speed and make recommendations for how you can optimize it.

There’s even a PageSpeed Chrome Extension, to provide you with those insights and updates automatically. It provides a continually updating score and analysis for every page on your site and lets you see at a glance where and how you can improve

It’s important to leverage a variety of page speed tools to gain a strong understanding of how fast your website loads on different devices. Once we have gathered the data, we will then review the information and provide actionable steps to work with going forward, to ensure your site continues to load as quickly as possible. Our team will also assist you in implementing these changes on your website for maximum efficiency.

Use the Best WordPress Page Speed Optimization Plugins

With so many different page speed plugins to choose from, how do you know which is best for your WordPress site? Not all plugins are created equal and some can actually case more website bloat than before.

Lead to Conversion will not only help you to find the right WordPress plugins but also properly set them for maximum effectiveness. Our comprehensive knowledge of the tools you need for page speed optimization service and the most effective ways of implementing them is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their web page load times.

Page Speed Consulting Services

Not sure where to start? Our experts offer page speed consulting services as well.

Our page speed optimization consultants can determine what file types each of your site’s images should be to reduce their size without compromising their integrity. They’ll also help you compress all documents, style sheets, and any other files that take up space on the server.

Finally, our experts will go over all of your CSS files and JavaScript to find redundancies and unnecessary lines of code. Individually, that code may seem harmless, but over time, it can pile up and chip away at your site’s average page load speed. Then we’ll put all of that code into an external file, to cut down on requests to the server, which can also inadvertently slow your site down.

These are just a few of the ways your page speed can be optimized. There are all sorts of tricks, tools, and more, to improve load times. Our experts know all of them and can help you find and implement the best ones for your site. To learn more about our page speed optimization company in Hudson, Ohio call us at 855.473.6582 or request a free quote online.