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Service: Paid Search Advertising

Background: In an effort to improve the effectiveness of our Paid Search campaigns, we delved into the Content Suitability settings of Google Ads. Historically, our ads were being displayed across a wide range of sites, including all apps on Android and Apple Store, parked domains, and gaming sites, which diluted the quality of our impressions and clicks.

Objectives: Our main objectives were to:

  • Reduce the number of low-quality sites where our ads were shown.
  • Decrease poor quality impressions and clicks.
  • Increase the conversion rate and improve the cost efficiency of the campaigns.


To address the quality issues in our Paid Search campaigns, we implemented a comprehensive content suitability strategy. This involved:

  • Excluding all apps for Android and Apple Store to eliminate irrelevant placements.
  • Filtering out parked domains and gaming sites to focus on more quality ad environments.
  • Upping the content level to ‘standard’ to tighten the net on site selection.


The implementation of this targeted approach led to significant improvements:

  • Impressions decreased by 30%, successfully filtering out the volume of undesirable impressions.
  • Conversion rates increased by 150%, indicating a much higher quality of traffic.
  • Cost per conversion was reduced by 10%, demonstrating enhanced cost efficiency.


The case study clearly demonstrates that fine-tuning Google Ads settings can substantially impact the success of Paid Search campaigns. It’s essential not only to rely on bid adjustments but also to have a deep understanding of account settings to identify and fix leaks. Our strategic changes to content suitability have led to more qualified traffic, better conversions, and overall improved campaign

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