Marketing for assisted living facilities does not come without its challenges. One of the main obstacles is the growth of competition. Waiting lists are a thing of the past, not only because more facilities are available, but also because communities are striving to develop new strategies to find candidates for their homes. So how can you make your assisted living facility stand out above the rest? The best way to do it is by maximizing your online presence. Here are six tips for improving your assisted living marketing online:

6 Strategies for Assisted Living Marketing

1. Streamline your website

This is the focal point of your online marketing campaign. Your website should be a virtual guide to every service your assisted living community has to offer. Make sure you have a clean and simple design. If you don’t have experience in web design, then don’t try to do it yourself. Get a professional to design the site for you. It’s worth spending the money so that you will have an attractive, user-friendly website that doesn’t look amateur. Your target market is going to be adult children who are looking for a facility for their aging parents. Provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision. For example, include information about how to decide when it’s the right time to move their parents into an assisted living home, how they can help their parents with the transition, how much it will cost, what it will be like for their parents to live there, as well as other relevant information. The easier to navigate and the quicker it provides information, the better your website will perform.

2. Implement your assisted living marketing with regular SEO blog articles

One of the most effective ways to deliver information and convert leads is via blogging. Make sure your blogs are relevant and evergreen so that visitors can go back and look at archived pieces and still benefit from reading them. Blog posts should relate specifically to assisted living topics and provide a tie-in to make your facility relevant to the article. For example, you could have posts on the importance of communal activities for residents, senior health, and other ways in which a facility should offer assistance—all ultimately tying back into your facility. All blogs should be optimized with relevant keywords so that they will have a high ranking in the most popular search engines.

3. Make use of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a way to draw traffic to your website by giving potential clients the information they most want. There are various ways to do this. You can use your blog posts, email campaigns, videos, eBooks, social media, or white papers. For example, you could offer a white paper on how assisted living benefits senior health, then promote that on social media or through various methods of digital advertising and content distribution. In order to download the white paper, all you could require is an email address… Soon, you’ll have an email database of prospective clients.

4. Use targeted strategies such as email newsletters

Once you have email addresses from prospective clients, remarketing to these potentials is important. You can send them your monthly email newsletter, links to your latest blogs, and invitations to community events at your assisted living facility. Create value for your readers, so they don’t opt out and instead want to conute engaging with your material until they are ready to become a client.

5. Create a strong social media presence

Even though your blog may be your primary vehicle for presenting information to prospective clients, social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter should be your main route to promoting that information and drawing leads to your website. Interact regularly with your followers on social media; it’s a great way to get information in front of as many eyes as possible. When you have added new blog posts and videos to your website, broadcast the information through your social media channels. This will encourage people to go to your website, read the posts, and hang around to explore your website for more information. You can also use social media to celebrate events at your assisted living facility such as open days for prospective clients.

6. Create informative and entertaining videos

Video is a great medium for giving prospective clients a first-hand look at what day-to-day living is like in your facility. Ask some of your residents to volunteer to participate in a video; perhaps they could describe what they most like about your facility and how it helps them maintain a level of independence. You can communicate the value and range of your services in just a few minutes of video. Don’t stop there. You can also create videos commemorating special events, resident outings, and activities, and what it’s like for your staff to work at your assisted living facility. And, as well as posting the videos on your website, you can also post them on YouTube and use them as part of your social media marketing program.

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