Content Marketing StrategyDespite what some people claim, search engine optimization isn’t dead. In fact, it’s still going strong and is just as important as ever. SEO has, however, evolved along with the technologies that inform it, such as Google’s algorithms, the rise of social media, and the changing habits of online consumers.

For companies who pay attention to what’s happening in the wide world of the web, it’s clear that Google’s ever-changing algorithms are increasingly shaping effective content marketing strategies. But for companies that haven’t been paying attention, many content strategies could be thwarting your SEO, including focusing on quantity, not using keywords properly, wasting perfectly good content, and not paying attention to social optimization.

Misusing Keywords is Bad for SEO

There was a time when companies could keyword stuff their way to the top of a search page, but those days are long gone. Modern consumers have much more sophisticated browsing habits, and search engines are becoming more refined in response. Today, you must carefully use the right keywords and phrases if you want to get your site to rank well.

And more important than informational keywords are long-tail keywords, which are longer phrases used by customers who are in the purchasing stage of their search. So if you don’t know what long-tail keywords are or don’t know which ones apply to your customers, then your content marketing strategy is lacking, and your SEO tactics are out of date.

Focusing on Quantity Instead of Quality

These days, the most important thing about content is that it’s relevant and engaging to potential customers. That means if your content marketing strategy involves poorly executed content created simply for the sake of filling space on your website, then you will be penalized based on Google’s algorithm. Today, authority is the way to the top of a search page, and that entails creating interesting and shareable content written in an expert voice. And to be interesting to your customers, your content must be about what’s important to them, not to you. So if your content marketing strategy is focusing on turning out content rather than creating something that’s high-quality, then your SEO is suffering.

Content is Being Wasted

It’s one thing to come up with high-quality content that your customers will want to read and share, but it’s another to actually reach your customers by promoting that content properly.

An effective content marketing strategy will also lay out how to promote what you create, and this should include:

  • Sharing on social media—don’t underestimate the power of this, as social signals are factored into a website’s rankings
  • Reaching customers through email newsletters—don’t underestimate this either, as email marketing often has a great ROI
  • Posting your content on websites and blogs that are influential in your industry

Moreover, you should also have a content schedule and one or more people responsible for making that happen because nothing is worse than sitting on great content and losing out on potential customers because nobody knew whose job it was to distribute what was created.

While it’s great to have a content marketing strategy, an out of date one could be negatively impacting your SEO efforts, especially if the content strategy you’re using is at odds with consumer behavior and search engine algorithms.

If your content strategy doesn’t involve using high-quality content to establish authority, doesn’t use non-competitive keywords to find new customers, and doesn’t prioritize sharing content, then it’s possible your efforts are hampering your search engine optimization attempts.  

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