google's expanded text ads have more text to help you communicate your messageText ads are getting bigger, but marketers have to play it smart to make the most of the expanded real estate. Here’s what you need to know and some quick tips for integrating the extra space into your text ad marketing strategies.

The Change to Google Text Ads

Previously, marketers could include one short description and two headlines in Google text ads. But virtual content seems to be getting the length treatment these days, with Twitter doubling its allowed character count on Tweets and search engines showing more of meta descriptions. So, it’s not shocking that text ads are getting more space.

Specifically, you can now write:

  • Up to three headlines
  • Up to two descriptions of 90 characters each

Why Should You Care About Expanded Text Ads?

Text ads give you very little space to provide your message, so more real estate is a good thing. You can diversify messaging or add important details that are likely to capture your audience’s attention.

Plus, larger ads tend to get more clicks in general, so adding a bit of content can drive your click-through rates.

Expert Tips for Putting Google’s Expanded Text Ads to Work

Google offers a use-case scenario for putting the extra space to work. You might use the third headline to highlight a special deal that is likely to drive consumers to click, such as free shipping or discounts.

It’s important to understand how these ads will display on various networks, platforms, and channels, though, especially since the change is new. The third headline and second description may not always show up when your text ad is displayed, so you’ll want to keep the most important information in the first two headers and description.

Plus, that’s just good content marketing, since the information at the top of your content is more likely to be read (and subsequently, must hook the audience into viewing the rest of the ad.)

You might consider using these extra areas to:

  • Reinforce something about the product by adding a specific detail, use case or tease
  • Add service or brand messaging, such as a guarantee or information about shipping or your experience in the industry
  • Add a specific call to action to your advertisement — text ads don’t always have a call to action since the call to click through is implied

Get Help From Our PPC Experts

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