CLIENT Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturer
INDUSTRY Manufacturing
CAMPAIGN TYPE SEO, Content Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

STRATEGY Deploy best practices SEO, Link Development, Content Marketing & CRO in order to increase organic rankings, targeted traffic and increase conversion rates to maximize inbound calls and form submissions to inquire about their products.


The client in this case study came to us with three main goals:

  • Increase organic rankings and targeted traffic to the site
  • Increase inbound phone calls and form submissions inquiring about particular products
  • Offer compelling content with a focus on piping additional traffic to the site


When this client came to Lead to Conversion™ (LTC), they had a website that had been managed for several years by a large, well-known local competitor of ours. They were upset with the lack of customer service and felt their campaign was “lost in the shuffle” and wasn’t being properly addressed in terms of customer service and SEO.

LTC interviewed the client and then put together a customized strategy best suited to match their particular needs and within allocated budget. The strategy included conducting a Comprehensive Site Analysis and architectural adjustments post analysis. This was followed up with optimization of code and content for all targeted pages coupled with Link Development and Content Marketing.

CRO has also been a critical part of our long-term strategy for the client and is still ongoing throughout our engagement with them. To date, conversion rates for this client continue to dominate previous levels and trumps nearly all other positive data points in terms of performance.


Overall Organic Traffic:

  • Google Organic traffic increased 32%
  • New users increased 37%
  • Side Widget Goal Conversions increased 172%

Google Organic Traffic:

  • Google Organic traffic increased 33%
  • New users increased 41%
  • Side Widget Goal Conversions increased 151%