Rheumatologists have the challenging task of marketing themselves because the competition is so fierce. Digital marketing is the most effective way to get ahead of the competition. In today’s society, most people — regardless of demographic — will turn to the internet for answers before speaking to a doctor. An excellent rheumatology marketing strategy helps you leverage the internet to meet potential clients and inspire loyalty from people who are already on your books.

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Rheumatology Marketing

Arthritis is the most common disability among adults in the United States. As such, there’s never going to be a shortage of potential patients for rheumatologists. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to reach people — or your particular target market. While referrals and word of mouth will help you keep ticking along, you need a strong digital marketing strategy to thrive in today’s marketplace.

It takes a significant amount of time and effort to plan and implement an effective marketing strategy, which is probably more than your team has time for. With a digital marketing agency, you get the expertise of an entire team of specialists for a similar price to what you’d pay for one in-house marketing person. With our combined years of experience and expertise in the field of marketing health care systems and private practices, Lead to Conversion can take your digital marketing plans to the next level.

Rheumatology Marketing Strategies

We’re dedicated to finding the latest, most effective ways of making our clients’ web presence stand out head and shoulders above the rest. This involves deploying a variety of tactics, from content creation to social media marketing and Google Ads. While the results from some of the methods might take months to garner results, others offer an instant boost to web traffic and conversions.

Website Design

Not enough people realize exactly how crucial the look and feel of your website are as part of your overall reputation. You can benefit from this by making sure your website features a clean, slick design and is easy to navigate. The website is often the first impression a potential patient gets of your practice, so you must make sure it reflects your brand’s values and the services your practice offers.

We can help you by identifying pain points along the client journey where you might see high bounce rates. We’ll fix any bugs, and we can completely redesign your website so it truly reflects who you are as a business.

Website design is an important factor when Google is indexing and ranking your pages for its search engine results page. Slow loading or poor engagement signals that Google should rank your site lower.


Search engine optimization is more than just a buzzword. With so many individuals in America suffering from arthritis, there are endless opportunities for you to capture search engine intentions. SEO is a multifaceted part of marketing that combines a highly technical side and strong writing skills. Your webpage’s code needs to be optimized, not just the content on the pages itself.

We help you by keeping web pages up-to-date with the latest techniques, on the front and back ends. Our team will fill your page with useful content that contains all the right keywords for search engines, as well as actionable, useful content that keeps consumers coming back to your website. Meta descriptions, alt text, headers, footers, H1 and H2 formatting and much more are all essential.

Social Media Marketing

It’s helpful to think of social media as the new place where the majority of word-of-mouth recommendations take place. Rather than being direct, potential clients gain insight by reading through social media comments and getting a personal feel for whether or not they like a business.

When you carefully manage your online reputation via these channels, you build a sense of community that’s attractive to new people and inspires loyalty from current clients. Engaging with your patients in a professional, on-brand manner is generally an excellent marketing tactic, and the digital sphere provides ample opportunities for you to do this effectively.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent strategy for rheumatologists because there’s such a broad audience to appeal to. By emailing useful content to the clients in your database, you can become an important part of their self-care and wellness regimen.

People rely on blogs, newsletters and other content for advice and help on issues such as pain management, advice about sleep and tips for housework. Creating this type of content keeps you fresh in their minds as a brand they can trust and rely on.


Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way of getting your rheumatologists practice to the top of the SERPs almost instantly. This is Google’s paid service, where you bid on keywords and use tactics such as retargeting and geotargeting. It’s a simple way to increase leads and generate traffic, but some keywords in medical practices come with a high price tag.

Rheumatology Digital Marketing

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