Personality Testing Firm SEO


CLIENT Personality Testing Firm
INDUSTRY Personality Testing Software
CAMPAIGN TYPE SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing
Goal Increase sales and brand awareness through content marketing, social media integration, organic traffic, and conversions
STRATEGY Make site more visible to desired audience with an increase in organic rankings, traffic and conversions

Brief Overview

The client in this case study came to us with three main goals:

  • Organic traffic increased 574%
  • Conversions from organic traffic increased 236%
  • Revenue from organic traffic increased 145% *this revenue was normalized


When companies start new campaigns with Lead to Conversion™ (LTC), they need them to be shaped around their specific needs. The client in this case study was looking to increase revenue, through expanding their applicable audience. They also wanted to modernize their outdated marketing approach. LTC decided to take a two-pronged approach to reaching these goals. The first part of this marketing plan was to use an integrated marketing content strategy that incorporated SEO, Link Development and Social Media. We also needed to focus on foundational, technical improvements for page optimization on the client’s website.

Strategy & Execution

This company’s site had a few technical issues that needed to be addressed before implementing our content marketing plan. Lead to Conversion™ started with a technical audit of the company’s website. Through this audit, we were able to improve the foundational structure of the website and eradicate crawling errors. After the audit was submitted and executed, we focused our attention on on-page optimization. This was done to enhance the website’s rankings in Google specifically. On-page optimization was done in unison with a focus on increasing the company’s rankings for certain keywords. LTC paired this with a focus on keywords that would draw the audience our client was looking to attract in order to increase their customer base and sales. Our goal with these technical changes was to increase organic traffic to their website, along with conversions.
After tackling the technical issues on the company’s website, LTC started the integrated content marketing plan. This plan was designed to work in unison with SEO, through optimized content.

It also paired well with social media channels to help drive traffic. We started publishing press releases, informative blogs, articles, and adding optimized on-page content. Once the published materials were optimized online, we began adding social channels to the site to further amplify messaging. This was done through sharing functionality. Our aim was to spread the published content through social channels, increase engagement, and share more types of media with this company’s potential audience. The goal of this integrated content marketing approach was to increase the applicable audience for this company, drive more traffic to their website, and raise brand awareness, along with brand loyalty.

2. Audience Overview
SEO Personality Testing Case Study 2015 2
The graph above gives a total audience overview, over one month. These results are a reflection of LTC’s marketing plan. One of this client’s major goals was to attract more applicable audience members to their website. After implementing our marketing plan, visits to the company’s website increased by over 350%, with unique visitors reflecting a similar increase.


One month after implementing Lead to Conversion™’s marketing plan, this client saw the following results:

  • Organic visits to the website increased 574%
  • Transactions from organic traffic increased 236%
  • Revenue from organic traffic increased 145%
  • Visits to the client’s website increased 360%

SEO Personality Testing Case Study 2015 1

The graph above shows an analytics report of organic search traffic to the company’s website (after LTC’s marketing approach was executed). In one month, organic visits to the website increased by almost 575%. The company’s transactions reflected an almost 240% jump, with revenue increasing by over 145%.


3. New Visitors

SEO Personality Testing Case Study 2015 3

After tracking the results from Lead to Conversion™’s online marketing plan for a year, the graph above shows that new visitors to this company’s website increased by almost 80%. This graph provides proof that Lead to Conversion™’s well-planned and properly executed marketing plan not only increased revenue for this company, but also reached the applicable audience they were seeking. When companies attract visitors, who prove to be the ideal audience for their product or service, revenue and customer base will always see gains.

Fast forward to 2015, we can still see positive growth on nearly all points for the client’s site for the same months and days, but set to the year 2015:

SEO Personality Testing Case Study 2015 4

To further understand the impact of what Lead to Conversion™ did for this client, take a look at all Google Organic Traffic dating back to 2012:

SEO Personality Testing Case Study 2015 6


At Lead to Conversion™, we understand that our clients want tangible results. This is why we are constantly tracking the results of any marketing plan we implement. After fixing fundamental technical problems on this company’s website and incorporating an integrated content marketing strategy, this client was able to see the results through our tracking and their bottom line.

Lead to Conversion™s’ integrated marketing campaign not only helped the client reach their goals of modernization, increased traffic, and a bump in sales, it also showed what a strategic campaign can do for any company. We design custom-made campaigns based on our clients’ goals and any issues they may be facing. While the graphs above speak for themselves, this campaign is just one example of what Lead to Conversion™ can do for clients. With the combination of proven best practices, tracking emerging trends, and entrusting campaigns to a knowledgeable staff, Lead to Conversion™ has the ability to create tailored campaigns that match a business’s specific goals.

Whether the goal is an increase in sales through applicable traffic, a stronger social presence, or a cutting-edge approach to SEO, Lead to Conversion™ has the experience and knowledge to execute the right campaign for your business. For more information on how to see similar results for your company, call Lead to Conversion™ at 855-473-6582 or email us at [email protected] and let us drive traffic to your website, while improving your bottom line.

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