US Based Call Center Services Company WordPress Theme Migration Ongoing SEO Case Study

CLIENT: US-Based Call Center Services Company

INDUSTRY: Inbound and Outbound Call Center/Contact Center

CAMPAIGN TYPE: WordPress Theme Migration & Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Goals: Migrate their existing WordPress site to a new WordPress theme offering more scalability and speed coupled with SEO


  1. Migrate site to a new WordPress theme
  2. Ongoing SEO

Background & Execution

This client had only a couple of main goals in engaging with Lead to Conversion™ initially, but what they thought they needed didn’t quite match up with what they actually needed.

Since this client originally came to us with the main goal of conducting SEO, we knew that simply conducting keyword research, writing fresh code and content, building links, etc., would only get us so far with the existing framework they had in place. Furthermore, we knew they not only needed a new WordPress theme promising better scalability, speed, and search friendliness, they also needed to adjust some of the site architecture to more efficiently force site visitors into their conversion funnels. These funnels included their main CTA’s consisting of inbound phone call inquiries, “Contact Us” form submissions, directions to their facility, and job application inquiries and resume submissions.

We convinced the client it was best to migrate their site to a new WordPress theme and let us conduct foundational SEO during the migration process (titles, metas, alts, etc.) as well as continue to build SEO equity for the site throughout the engagement.

The ongoing SEO portion of the project consisted of the creation of fresh content via blog posts and new site pages as well as sustained link development activities which not only expanded their keyword phrase reach month after month but also directly impacted increased rankings and commensurate traffic and conversions for their main keyword phrase targets.


Looking at the above Google Analytics graph showcasing Nov. 1, 2018 – May 7, 2019, vs. the same time period prior, the results since the launch of the new WordPress theme and SEO impact we’ve had on the site is quite telling.

google organic 1

Google Organic Growth:

Overall Organic traffic saw marked gains as well:

  • Sessions went up 154.21%
  • % of new sessions went up 9.94%
  • New Users went up 179.47%


At Lead to Conversion™, we understand that our clients want tangible results. This is why we are constantly tracking the results of any marketing plan we implement. After implementing our plan, this client not only realized tangible results in the form of increased targeted traffic, but more importantly, the saw first hand how our new framework and digital marketing programs worked in unison to provide them with quantifiable ROI never before achieved with any other digital marketing agency that attempted to market their site online.

Here at Lead to Conversion™, we have over 100 years of collective digital marketing experience spanning across dozens of industries including call centers/contact centers. Whether the goal is an increase in sales through applicable traffic, a stronger social presence, or a cutting-edge approach to Digital Marketing in general, Lead to Conversion™ has the experience and knowledge to execute the right campaign for your business. For more information on how to see similar results for your company, call Lead to Conversion™ at 855.473.6582 and let us drive traffic to your website, while improving your bottom line.

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