Custom Deck Builder
Google Ads Case Study

CLIENT: Custom Deck Builder

INDUSTRY: Home Improvement

CAMPAIGN: Pay-Per-Click Marketing via Google Ads

Goals: Increase traffic to targeted landing pages with a focus on decreasing cost-per-click fees and maximizing conversions.

Strategy: Google Ads

Background & Execution

This client originally came to Lead to Conversion™ (LTC) seeking help with their digital marketing efforts after having gone through several marketing agencies who failed to produce tangible and quantifiable results, especially for Google Ads.

A thorough audit of their existing Google Ads setup revealed many issues, the most critical being poor ad group structure, lack of negative keywords, and incomplete matching options. 

In the first few weeks of our engagement, LTC completely overhauled their Google Ads account to establish an Enterprise-level structure which also included retargeting and display options for consistent brand amplification. 

Once the campaign restructure was complete and the new Google Ads setup was deployed, their PPC campaign continued to improve in the ways a business owner would expect from a digital marketing partner. Our ROI focused reporting provided the client with KPI attribution stemming from our efforts.

Performance Metrics

January 1st, 2021 – June 8th, 2021 vs. January 1st, 2020 – June 7th, 2020:

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2 3

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Google Ads Statistics Showed

  • 25% reduction in cost-per-click fees
  • 42% increase in ad clicks
  • 12% increase in conversion rates
  • 26% increase in click throughs
  • 60% increase in conversions


At Lead to Conversion™, we understand that our clients want tangible results. This is why we are constantly tracking the results of any marketing plan we implement and are always looking at ways to take things to the next level for our clients.

Whether the goal is an increase in custom deck building inquiries through applicable traffic, a stronger social presence, or a cutting-edge approach to Digital Marketing in general, Lead to Conversion™ has the experience and knowledge to execute the right campaign for your business. 

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