Senior Looking Online for a Retirement Community

Today’s seniors are learning to embrace technology and seek information and resources from the internet. Whether they use a personal computer, tablet, or even a smartphone, seniors value clear web design that provides easy access to information from the first glance and is scalable on any device. 

When done right, senior living community websites can be a great tool for seniors and family members who help make life decisions for their loved ones. Here are five ways to make your retirement community website a helpful resource and a positive experience for a wide range of seniors.

Deliberate Font Choices

To provide good readability, choose fonts that are easy to read, with color choices that contrast against the background. Though most devices and browsers allow zooming for the viewer’s preference, it’s helpful to emphasize your most important points in a font size that’s not too small for your audience. 

Easy Navigation & Literal Headlines

Web design takes on many formats, from the sleek and minimal to the graphic-heavy. You can serve your website’s audience best by making the navigation apparent from any page, in bold fonts. For seniors, navigation headlines work well when they are literal and descriptive rather than metaphorical, such as “Floor Plans” and “Dining Options” compared to. “Live” and “Eat.”

Prominent Contact Information

Seniors often appreciate the option of asking questions by speaking with someone on the phone. You should prominently display your phone number in the header on your home page and add a link to a contact page. 

The contact page should provide a physical and mailing address along with business hours. A short form can be helpful for less-urgent requests, but make it a secondary contact option to your phone numbers. Lastly, make sure to list any extensions or phone tree options to help direct them to the right person.

Photos of Your Community

Stock photos are a useful (and inexpensive) option for some websites, but they may misrepresent your community and lead to some confusion. Show your best sides by investing in some good photographs of actual buildings, landscaping, community features, staff, residents and activities.


Sincere and honest resident testimonials can enhance the engagement of website visitors and serve as a valuable witness to the marketing information that fills the website. Expand your testimonial viewpoints by getting testimonials from your staff and the children and grandchildren of your residents. Written testimonials are good but video is always best – especially for seniors.

Have Us Lead the Way With Senior Living Website Design

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