Should You Consider Spanish SEO for Your Website?

The Hispanic population in America is predicted to reach 30% of the entire population by the year 2050, which is a dramatic increase of almost 165% from the year 2017. And according to Pew Research, 36% of the American Hispanic population is bilingual, 38% speak...

Tips for Onpage Local SEO Optimization

If you have a local business with a physical storefront, it’s vital that local customers can easily find your website when searching for your product or service online. Onpage signals for local SEO help to optimize your website to make sure people within your area can...

Learn How To Optimize Images For SEO

There are several facets to optimizing the images on your website. You want your images to follow both search engine optimization best practices as well as usability best practices for your website visitors. The first tactic is to optimize the image size. Optimizing...

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