Healthcare services can be extremely competitive, making it difficult to attract visitors to your site with traditional marketing strategies alone.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to utilize healthcare paid search advertising to draw guaranteed traffic. Even though this type of marketing puts you at the top of search results, it’s important to make sure the people coming to your site are prospective patients.

Our digital marketing team has over 100 years of combined experience. We can help you receive the maximum value for each paid click so your leads become appointments. Continue reading to learn more about how paid search campaigns work and how we can help.

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The Role of Paid Search Campaigns in Healthcare Marketing

Paid search campaigns guarantee your landing pages will appear at the top of search engine results pages. They remove much of the guesswork and skill required to remain ahead of the latest changes in the top search engines.

Services such as Google ads make it easy to control healthcare paid search advertising so you can decide which demographics, keywords and geolocations you’d like to target.

Healthcare PPC campaigns differ from traditional PPC advertising, however. It’s important for healthcare professionals to remain HIPAA-compliant when they seek new patients through any paid search campaign.

For this reason alone, healthcare PPC campaigns should be managed by experts who know how to reach your target audience with paid search efforts and avoid any legal pitfalls you might encounter if you attempt to run the campaign yourself.

Finally, while paid search marketing is vital to any healthcare marketing strategy, it shouldn’t be the only tool you use to generate leads. A multi-pronged approach is always more effective and can maximize your return on investment.

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The Value of Healthcare PPC Services

PPC ads are valuable for healthcare marketers because they offer a guarantee. If your ads aren’t receiving clicks, you don’t have to pay for them. This is an opportunity to see how different healthcare PPC ads perform so you can tweak them more efficiently.

Since you define your target audience in healthcare PPC advertising, you also get to decide what types of search engine users are seeing your website in the search results, both nationally and locally.

The benefits of these services include boosted website traffic, more phone calls and form submissions, more booked appointments and a growing patient base. You can track your return on investment through tracking and analytics software that shows you where your clicks are coming from and how much of your traffic is due to PPC ads versus traditional healthcare search engine optimization efforts.

Read more about how our healthcare-paid search services can boost your patient acquisition.

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Healthcare PPC Services Offered

Many healthcare providers don’t know how to leverage PPC to reach potential customers because they’re not expert healthcare advertisers.

Hiring an agency with a proven track record of managing pay-per-click advertising and other ad formats to drive new business allows healthcare administrators to focus on their patients instead of managing advertising efforts.

The services we provide include:

  • Setting up your healthcare business campaign so you can begin targeting qualified leads right away
  • Performing in-depth research to avoid negative keywords and use targeted ads in the most efficient way possible
  • Creating targeted ad copy that’s engaging and inspires searchers to reach out for more information or book new appointments
  • Ensuring your landing pages are optimized and presentable so the visitors you receive from your Google or Bing ad campaign are more likely to convert into real patients
  • Continuing to evaluate your healthcare ads to maximize their efficiency, retarget key search terms after more keyword research and perform mobile bid adjustments so you’re getting the lowest cost per click possible

We know no two healthcare brands have identical needs, so we offer custom solutions. These can include a combination of search ads and other marketing services.

Our Approach to Pay-Per-Click Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

Our paid search experts assist healthcare businesses every step of the way toward creating custom campaigns that deliver the results they need.

Before launching an ad campaign, we work with you to get a deeper understanding of how your business is doing, what your competitors are doing and how we can use paid search ad campaigns to give you the biggest bang for your buck on each ad spend you make.

This starts with understanding what your goals are and how you define success. Most healthcare-related ads aim to increase appointment bookings and patient acquisition.

To do this, we need to understand what types of services you offer, who your key demographics are and what their search behaviors are. After establishing and understanding your targeted audience through extensive research, we put together your ad campaigns.

Better conversion rates with your target audiences mean a greater return on investment, so we create campaigns based on past PPC success. Our PPC experts can generate more leads and a better click-through rate by making minor adjustments to what worked in past campaigns.

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Key Components of a Successful Healthcare Paid Advertising Strategy

When managing paid search for healthcare, it’s important to select keyword phrases and single keywords relevant to what your target audience is searching for.

Proper keyword selection is the foundation for success for healthcare organizations that define effective campaigns through user clicks axnd click-through rates.

Both the ad copy and landing page used in paid search for healthcare need to resonate with potential patients, and your site needs to provide a seamless user experience for both computers and mobile devices.

Our team works with clients on every aspect of this process, from creating content for your landing pages to crafting engaging ad copy that will draw eyes to your ad on the search results page. The result is more effective campaigns, better conversion rates, a growing patient base and a return on investment you can be proud of.

Ask how you can get the most out of your PPC efforts and combine them with other marketing strategies so you can scale your healthcare organization.

Measuring the Success of Your Healthcare Paid Marketing Campaign

Google Ads offers analytics so you can track your paid search campaigns, but we go a step further with a detailed analysis of this data.

We track several key performance indicators (KPIs) to help you improve your PPC advertising effectiveness. With our extensive suite of tools, you can see how your campaign is performing in real-time and what your return on investment looks like.

This information can be used to evaluate your future campaign goals, where things are working, and what types of pivots you should make to continue on the right path.
You can monitor these metrics yourself or let us do all the analysis for you.

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Overcoming Common Healthcare Paid Search Challenges

Some obstacles you may face when designing a successful healthcare PPC advertising campaign include:

  • Staying a step ahead of the competition, which may be deploying similar strategies to compete for views
  • Variable prices per click, which may require you to target less expensive keywords, choose a different landing page or pay more for your campaign
  • Remaining in compliance with healthcare advertising regulations, such as HIPAA
  • Studying patient behavior and search engine algorithms before creating relevant content that will attract patients
  • Adapting as peoples’ behavior and search engine algorithms change

We help healthcare providers focus on what they do best by taking their marketing campaigns into our hands and reviewing their progress on a regular basis.

When needed, we change strategies or tools so we can continue to help your business meet its goals and objectives.

Why Choose Our Healthcare Paid Search Agency?

All paid search advertising services aren’t built the same. We offer specialized experience working with healthcare services and know the challenges the healthcare industry faces when it comes to digital marketing.

We have a proven track record of delivering our clients’ desired results and maximizing their return on investment. We also offer customized strategies so you can decide which tools work best for your business.

In addition to PPC ads, we know how to create a landing page and ad copy that draws and keeps readers’ interest. We can review multiple ways to reach your target audience so your marketing efforts aren’t limited to a single product.

Boost your patient acquisition with our healthcare-paid search services.

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The Path to Paid Search Success in Healthcare

The right pay-per-click advertising can guarantee you a spot at the top of search results in a competitive market.

It can also give you more control over the quality of the leads you’re getting so you can meet your business goals.

If you’re not investing in this marketing strategy now, now’s the best time to explore how you can reach more patients with PPC ads.

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