Why Website Design Matters in Healthcare

Today, patients shop for healthcare providers just like they shop for other professionals and contractors. This is true not only for elective procedures but also for other forms of healthcare.

If you run a healthcare business, you must have a professional-looking website design, as your website is the first thing many prospective patients see when considering where to go for their medical needs. Our healthcare website design services can help you get the site you’re looking for and drive steady traffic to that website.

A patient-centered website that loads quickly, takes a mobile-first approach and is easy to navigate will help build credibility and trust in the early stages of the patient journey. Conversely, a poorly designed website, full of errors or slow to load, won’t instill confidence in your visitors. 

Whether you run a plastic surgery clinic, a physical therapy service, or a primary care practice, your patients and prospective clients expect to be able to find you online. If you don’t have a web presence, when your clients search for your business, at best, they’ll find consumer reviews on third-party websites. At worst, they may assume your business is no longer operational and choose a competitor. 

Rather than take that risk, why not invest in a modern web design from an agency that specializes in providing stylish, intuitive websites for healthcare providers?

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Our Custom Healthcare Website Design Services

As an experienced healthcare web design agency, we design and build professional medical websites and offer digital marketing for healthcare businesses. We understand the unique challenges people in the healthcare industry face when creating websites that appeal to patients, build trust, accurately reflect your brand, and comply with complex regulatory requirements.

Our agency specializes in digital marketing for healthcare and offers several web design services for healthcare providers, including:

  • Custom solutions. We provide website development services tailored to your business, whether a small practice or a large hospital.
  • Healthcare industry expertise. Our development team understands the requirements of HIPAA, ADA and other regulatory requirements and emphasizes accessible, secure design and patient engagement.
  • Responsive design. We can help you improve your branding and SEO performance with mobile-first design and smooth website experiences accessible to all patients.
  • Easy-to-use websites. These websites maintain HIPAA compliance while offering an intuitive website experience with online appointment scheduling, live chats, and other modern features.
  • Appointment booking tools and more. Your users expect to do all their business with you online. From sending messages on contact forms to checking your hours of operation and booking appointments, clients want a smooth user experience. We can develop online booking tools and custom solutions that meet your business needs.

When launching a website, a healthcare business must consider many things that other companies, such as online stores or contractors, may not have to consider. From choosing compliant hosting companies to vetting the content on the website, especially if it’s health-related, medical professionals must tread carefully to ensure their websites are correctly designed, safe, and reliable.

Another thing to consider is accessibility. Small fonts, poor contrasting colors, confusing navigation options and jargon-heavy pages are common mistakes we see when taking on redesign projects for healthcare providers.

Our team of designers understands that healthcare professionals deal with people from all walks of life. We aim to create a medical website anyone can use regardless of age, mobility, or technical abilities.

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concept image for doctors discussing how to improve their hospital healthcare website design to increase patient acquisition

Integrating Healthcare Website Design With SEO

Our medical website design agency covers the look and feel of your website and the backend systems to ensure security, compliance, and healthcare search engine optimization (SEO).

A well-optimized website is more likely to appear on the first page of the search results when potential clients look for medical practices or healthcare providers in their area. SEO is an incredibly powerful form of organic marketing, and sites that rank high in the search results see more visitors and are more likely to attract new patients.

Our website design process includes:

  • Mobile optimization. Today, mobile web traffic accounts for around 60% of all search traffic. Optimizing your website for mobile users helps ensure prospective patients get a good experience when they click through to your site. When considering where a website should appear in search results, Google considers whether a website is mobile-friendly and how quickly it loads.
  • Site speed and performance. Speed and performance are other significant factors in how well a website ranks. If your website is slow to load or includes a lot of heavy images and video content that requires a lot of bandwidth to download, this will negatively impact the user experience and how your site ranks in the search engines. Our team expertly addresses page speed optimization to improve site speed and performance.
  • Content and branding. Keywords are significant in online marketing, but search engine ranking algorithms are complex. They look at context, authority, quality, and the number of times a keyword is mentioned. Our team knows the best practices for creating quality website content that ranks well in search engines.

Our web development experts work hard to stay current with the latest healthcare local SEO, national SEO, online marketing, and website design best practices. We use our expertise to help our clients produce websites that are easy to use, load quickly, and are likely to rank toward the top of the search results for their desired keywords through targeted content marketing strategies.

We’re also passionate about usability. Healthcare websites must be easy to navigate and cater to their target audiences’ needs. At each stage of the design process, we consider whether your website could be used by someone who uses English as a second language, has poor eyesight or mobility, or is feeling stressed due to an illness.

doctors and nurses looking at their new and improved healthcare website design and increased patient leads

Our Agency’s Approach to Conversion-Driven Website Design

As a dedicated healthcare web design agency, we strive to understand the goals of the client and the patient demographic you serve.

The first step in any development project is discovery. We’ll learn about your business, who you work with and your specific compliance needs. From HIPAA compliance to PCI-DSS for secure payments and ADA usability and accessibility needs, we’ll plan the development project carefully to ensure all your needs are covered.

Next, we’ll work on design and development. At this stage, we’ll explore your branding and the message you’d like to convey. We’ll work with you as part of a collaborative design process to build a website design you’re happy with that also offers a good user experience. Our goal is to offer a patient-centric design that answers potential clients’ questions and makes it easy for them to accomplish their goals.

Once the design is complete, the website can be tested and put through an exhaustive QA process. This ensures the content is accurate, the site is reliable and secure, and users have a positive experience. When the site is ready, we’ll enter the deployment stage, during which we’ll carefully monitor the go-live process to ensure a seamless launch.

Our work continues beyond there. Our team provides ongoing support to help keep the site running and enable growth as required. Healthcare websites require careful maintenance to ensure they’re reliable, compliant, and rank well in search engines. If you’re interested in marketing support, our team can assist with driving organic traffic and engaging in other online marketing efforts such as paid search for healthcare to support your business goals.

A well-designed website should serve you well for many years. Our team can advise you on updating website content and assist you with SEO updates, security patches and other ongoing needs.

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Discover the Value of Our Website Design Services for Healthcare

When you choose our healthcare website design company, you can feel confident you’re in good hands. Our website development service offers several potential benefits.

  • Increased visibility. You will be seen by more prospective clients in your area looking for the type of medical services you provide.
  • Attract more patients. A professional-looking website can help build your brand, raising awareness in the short term and building trust in the long term. This can translate into more inquiries and more appointment bookings.
  • Grow your reputation. Reputation for reliability and attention to detail is essential in healthcare. What better way to build this reputation than working with a leading design agency to create a visually pleasing, reliable, and informative website?
  • Ensure compliance. Update your older website or ensure your new site is fully compliant with industry regulations. Get peace of mind knowing your patient data is protected, and bring your website up to date with modern SEO standards.
  • Build a brand image. If you still need a website, we can help you with logos, profile pictures, social media images, and email headers and footers so that all your communications reflect a consistent digital brand.

Whether you want to establish an online presence for the first time or update an older website, our website design agency is here to help. We’re happy to take on design projects of all sizes. We can update an older website to take advantage of the latest web technologies and ensure it’s compatible with modern web browsers; our designers and developers are ready to take on any challenge.

Convert More Visitors Into Patients Today

Modernizing your website is the best investment you can make if you want to reach new patients and grow your clientele. A sleek, easy-to-use website can increase the impact of your marketing efforts, get you noticed by search engines, and grow your list of potential clients.

Online marketing can be confusing, but our team has extensive experience in search engine optimization and digital marketing for healthcare. We can help you build your brand online to give your website visitors a good first impression that encourages them to become patients or clients.

The healthcare industry is increasingly competitive. An accessible, user-friendly, search-engine-friendly website can help you stand out and attract more new patients. Our skilled design team can help you get the website you need and plan your digital marketing strategy, future-proofing your brand.

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