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The importance of local search engine optimization has grown dramatically as the search engines continue to place more of an emphasis on local businesses.

Local SEO is not the same as SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is crucial for the small to medium-sized brick and mortar business with one or several locations. However, it’s also essential for larger regional or national chains as well, which ideally should have each location prominently found for its own target market.

Just think about your own internet experience. If you’re searching for a local business or service, how often do you even get beneath the initial local listings, let alone click on the second or third page of results?

While local SEO incorporates traditional SEO strategies such as on-site optimization and the incorporation of proper local keywords and content, there’s also much more to it than that. Your success with local SEO depends heavily on the correct utilization of social networking communities and services, ranging from Google+, to Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and all the rest, and establishing localized presences on all the major search engines.

Google+ Optimization Services

An optimized Google Plus Local Page and map listing will ensure that your business turns up in relevant searches, while providing you with an array of benefits:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract more local customers
  • Generate more leads
  • Drive more traffic to your website and physical location
  • Gain market share

Ultimately, it’s pretty simple. No matter what type of local business you operate—retail, medical practice, real estate, legal, financial institution, or anything else– if you don’t have an optimized Google+ Local  listing, you’re giving away business to the competition.

Every local campaign we take on provides verification of the listing, and optimized customization so Google knows exactly what markets your targeting and the services you’ll provide to that geographic area. In addition to this we submit your “citation” or business name, address and phone to multiple high quality local business directories. We then take it one step further to acquire local citations from other authoritative websites in your local community that will further propel your listings up the rankings.

Raise Your Business’s Profile with High Quality Local SEO

Establishing your business on Google+ and building tailored, localized presences is no longer an option if you want to succeed online. It’s a fundamental component of effective local SEO, and it’s a specialty of ours at Lead to Conversion.

Call Lead to Conversion at 855.473.6582 or contact us today and we’ll craft a local search engine optimization package just for you and your company which will help you get found more readily by the local customers you’re seeking.

Mark Alperin

Mark Alperin

Director of Digital Marketing

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