Healthcare Responsive Site SEO


CLIENT Multi-Location Bariatric Surgery Practice
INDUSTRY Medical/Bariatric Surgeons
CAMPAIGN TYPE SEO, Content Marketing, Responsive Web Design

GOAL Increase brand awareness, increase traffic, SEO, and mobile responsiveness

STRATEGY Make this client’s website more visible to mobile users by incorporating SEO, responsive design, and content for inbound marketing

Brief Overview

  • Mobile traffic increased 1,175.12%
  • New users increased 198.23%
  • Sessions increased 224.83%

Background & Goals

The client in this case study came to us with three goals:

  1. Create a responsive website to replace separate mobile site
  2. Increase SEO and online presence for mobile users
  3. Offer compelling content to site visitors searching via mobile devices

When this client came to Lead to Conversion™ (LTC), they had a bare-bones mobile website. This site didn’t have any SEO implemented and it was lacking in content. The marketing team who took on this assignment, started with disabling this client’s anemic mobile website. After disabling, LTC’s web development team focused their attention on the client’s desktop website to make it responsive.

Strategy & Execution

This company came to LTC looking to increase new traffic and conversions. After implementing a full SEO and inbound (content) marketing campaign on their desktop site, the marketing team noticed this client’s mobile site also needed attention. The initial mobile website was very basic and lacked content. It was responsive to mobile devices, but without any tools to keep visitors on the page, the client’s bounce rate was very high and their traffic was suffering.

LTC’s marketing team joined forces with the web development team and disabled the client’s flat mobile site. The web development group then went into the desktop site to make it responsive to mobile devices by manipulating CSS files on the desktop version to make it responsive. This approach allowed LTC to carry over the high-quality content and already implemented SEO strategies onto the newly responsive desktop site.

Responsive websites are essential in any SEO campaign. Since the amount of mobile users is constantly increasing, the client was missing out on an important demographic of visitors. After implementing the responsive design features, this client saw immediate results.


One month after implementing LTC’s marketing plan, this client saw the following results:

  • Mobile sessions increased by almost 225%
  • New mobile users increased by almost 200%
  • The bounce rate for mobile users decreased by almost 10%
  • The average site duration for new users increased to more than 25%
  • The amount of pages visited by mobile users, per session increased to almost 20%

Responsive Site SEO Healthcare Case Study 2015 1

Mobile and Tablet Visitors

These findings show a significant increase in mobile visitors utilizing this client’s new, responsive website. Just one month after LTC implemented their changes, the client had a 39.24% increase in site visitors using a tablet. The most significant change in traffic is seen in the mobile users, with over a 1,000% increase in traffic.

When a company is trying to attract new visitors and increase traffic, a responsive website is vital. Responsive websites not only better the visitor’s experience, they also increase organic search results. When search engines crawl and index a website, they want to crawl one URL. Before coming to LTC, this client had two URLs – one for desktop and one for mobile. This approach, combined with the simplicity of the mobile website hurt their search rankings. Once LTC’s marketing and web development departments joined forces and combined both sites into one, responsive design, the positive results were both dramatic and immediate.

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