Commercial Landscape Design Property Maintenance


CLIENT Commercial Landscaping Company in Cleveland Ohio
INDUSTRY Commercial Landscape Design & Property Maintenance
CAMPAIGN TYPE Services rendered included organic SEO audit and campaign, and Social Media audit and channel optimization campaign.

GOAL Client’s goals were simple: To increase the number of leads for their services that came from online sources.

STRATEGY LTC suggested an organic SEO audit and custom optimization program, along with Social Media audit and engagement.

Background & Goals

Client had a problem: They provide excellent landscaping and property maintenance services year-round, but their online presence didn’t reflect the quality and scope of their offerings. They came to Lead to Conversion™ with the hopes of building an online presence that matched their level of service and reputation.

Strategy & Execution

Lead to Conversion™ proposed a program of organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). Each of these services begins with a thorough audit of the client’s assets and potential in organic search and social media, followed by a custom approach to fixing the problems we find, igniting growth, and ensuring that our reporting structure is ready to monitor the client’s success.


We begin our success measurement following the implementation of our recommendations. With Google crawling and noticing our changes almost instantly, we began seeing improvement almost immediately after our changes were made. The following is a small sample of the improvements that the client has seen across multiple channels:

  • Website Leads: Year over year, our client’s organic-based online contact request form submissions grew an average of 250% during the first nine months after our recommendations were implemented:
submissions 01
  • During that same nine-month post-implementation period, organic search traffic grew 58%. With a conversion rate that grew more rapidly than the traffic rate, this means we didn’t just bring new visitors to the site. It means we brought extraordinarily qualified visitors to the site – traffic that was ready to respond to our client’s call to action:
analytics 02
  • Social Media engagements with the client’s brand increased over 30%:
analytics 03
  • Traffic from Social Media channels more than doubled, increasing 140% in the post-implementation period.
  • In many cases, our organic campaign worked so well that we feature multiple listings for a given query, which results in client’s well-earned domination of the search engine real estate:
results 04


Often, we discuss the urgency of clients reaching success in time for their “busy season.” Client provides services to large commercial properties all year long, regardless of (and in many cases due to) severe weather. As a result, every season is their busy season, and they needed multi-channel performance to keep boots on the ground all year long. With an average growth in leads of over 250% for everything from snow removal to grounds keeping, mowing and landscaping, we’ve helped this client achieve the success they sought when they came to us.

If you would like a free assessment to see how Lead to Conversion™ may be able to help you with achieving your marketing goals, please give us a call at 855-473-6582, via email at [email protected].

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