online marketing strategies

Internet marketing can be a challenge for any business, but automotive digital marketing is highly competitive. To stay ahead of your competition, it’s crucial to implement a strong marketing strategy that has a local SEO focus. Without it, your customers will struggle to find your dealership’s information online, and turn to a competitor instead.

Check out these 10 tips for getting found in major search engines and connecting with customers.

  1. Seek out others on social media. Connect with local consumers via social media now and they’re more likely to think of you when it’s time to buy a car.
  2. Leverage Graphics. Convey the features or specs of vehicles in a user-friendly way that’s more likely to resonate with consumers who aren’t gearheads. Visuals help people remember up to 55 percent more of the information they see.
  3. Go viral with video marketing. Share your dealership story through video. By leveraging an optimized YouTube and popular social media channels, you can expand your audience reach, spreading brand awareness to potential customers.
  4. Leverage local SEO. While you might make a sale outside your region via online channels, the bulk of business is typically in your own backyard. Make sure local users can find you when they search.
  5. Offer customer service with chat. Successful online marketing relies on a strong user experience on your pages. Boost customer satisfaction with on-site chat that turns visitors into verified leads.
  6. Back online marketing with sales resources. Stellar online marketing won’t get you anywhere if the lead is dropped while it’s still hot. Make sure you have online sales resources ready to work with customers via chat, email or telephone.
  7. Rev up with retargeting. On-page cookies and other technical solutions let you retarget marketing efforts to visitors as they travel to other sites. Research numbers vary, but most tend to agree consumers need to see your message around six times before they take action.
  8. Aim for the Local Pack. The local 3-pack is a coveted spot in the search results. To earn that spot, it’s important to incorporate local SEO best practices, an optimized Google My Business listing, and accurate citations for your location. Not sure where to start? Reach out to the Local SEO experts at Lead to Conversion for help.
  9. Keep Photos Updated. Let’s be honest: Most people aren’t going to buy a car based on a block of text alone. One best practice for dealerships is to have updated photos of your inventory. You can leverage these photos in a variety of online channels, such as Google My Business, social media platforms, email marketing, your website, and more.
  10. Add Schema Markup. By adding schema markup, you are providing additional context about your site to the search engines. Schema markup is a form of microdata that creates an enhanced description about your page in a universal language for the search engines. Doing so can result in a rich snippet.