Fear not, Facebook marketers!  The solution to this mind-bending quagmire is just a few clicks away!  Many an online marketing professional have been thwarted by Facebook’s ever-increasing desire to complicate page customization over the years, but this little “Easter Egg” ranks at the top of the list of frustrations.

Like many of you will remember, the “Add Application to Page” functionality used to be on what we all came to recognize as the application’s own Facebook page.  These pages had the same purpose as a regular community or brand page with one little extra piece: the ability to add the application itself to your Facebook page.  Located in the left-hand navigation menu, it was a very simple process.

Recently, however, Facebook did away with the application pages all together.  They actually may be hiding on some server in Central America, but that’s not the point; the point is that we cannot access these pages anymore.  Along with the pages went the “Add to Page” functionality we all became very fond of…mostly because it was the only way to add an application to your page.

So how do we add the necessary customized applications and tabs to our stable of awesomeness that is our Facebook page now?  Well now it’s as easy as pie, and it only costs you one extra browser tab to accomplish!  Let’s dig in:

First, make sure you collect two pieces of information:

  1. Within your application’s back-end at developers.facebook.com, you’ll want to copy the Application ID from the Basic Info.
  2. You need to grab the URL from the source of the application, or the URL where you application’s content is hosted.  For example, if I was creating an iFrame application for Facebook out of this blog post, I would simply use “http://blog.intrapromote.com/dylan-price/social-media/adding-a-custom-tab-to-your-facebook-page”.  Copy and keep this URL.

Once you have successfully collected these two pieces of information, you will need to insert them into the following URL into the following places:


Here is the URL that holds the keys to the Facebook marketer’s kingdom:



Editor’s Note: Ensure that you are logged into your administrative Facebook account when attempting this procedure.  If not, you will become increasingly frustrated, and Intrapromote holds no accountability for broken monitors.

At this point, you should be seeing something like this:

Adding a Custom Tab and Application to Your Facebook Page

Did I just hear “Cool Page App”?

Use the drop-down menu to select your page, allow for a couple of minutes for all servers to propagate, and, “voila!” you’ve got yourself a brand new, shiny application to wow all of your colleagues!

If you’re running into issues, make sure that your hosted content has a security certificate in place or Facebook won’t allow it to show!  For further questions, I recommended the official documentation found here.