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Pinterest affiliate marketing lets you promote affiliate links on your business account, and now, Pinterest makes the process even easier. A new partnership for ads between Amazon and Pinterest simplifies the process of helping customers find brands that suit their needs. A new service redirects users who interact with ad pins to the Amazon website for an effortless shopping experience.

What Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon affiliate marketing on Pinterest is a free affiliate program that lets businesses earn money by advertising Amazon products. Customers click on the affiliate link on Pinterest and follow through with a purchase. Then, the company credits the business with a percentage of the sale. Amazon associates who sign up for the Amazon Associates program can promote affiliate links on Pinterest, other social media channels, WordPress blogs and business websites. If you’re unsure how to share your affiliate networks, Lead to Conversion provides fuss-free help with social media marketing on Pinterest.

Why Your Business Should Market Your Amazon Products on Pinterest

Pinterest affiliate marketing is powerful because the social media network doesn’t limit affiliate link placement. Successful affiliate marketers leveraging this platform create engaging content that hones in on a specific niche, then post variations of an affiliate link pin to draw interest from different customer subsets. This means their affiliate product pin generally gets already-interested eyes on it, increasing the chances of sales.

Set Up Your Pinterest Account for Success

Outline your business goals before setting up a Pinterest account for your company. Once you know what you want to accomplish, you can create top-notch content for affiliate marketing that drives traffic, engagement and sales. These essential tips expand your marketing horizons by focusing on what Pinterest does best: showcasing images and videos that tell a compelling story.


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Create an Optimized Pinterest Business Profile Page

For continuity, sign up for a Pinterest business account with the same handle as your other social media profiles. Use the 160-character count on your profile page to concisely describe your business, and add keywords that reflect the specific niche of the products or services you sell. Likewise, include keywords in the name of your profile photos while creating relevant boards and when adding related pins.

Add Amazon Affiliate Links and Tracking

Add Amazon affiliate links by first enabling your Amazon Associates program account to let you pin your Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. Next, use the Manage Your Tracking ID feature to craft trackable website links to share. The last step is creating a compelling photo or video post and pinning it to your Pinterest account, making sure to enter your Amazon affiliate link with a tracking ID in the website field.

Organize Relevant Boards and Pins Strategically

Think through your marketing strategy before adding boards to Pinterest. Focus on a single topic for each one to avoid confusion and boost chances that interested Pinterest users save or share your content. For instance, a jewelry company might organize boards with topics like pendants, earrings and bracelets. Don’t bite off more than you can chew — the best-received boards have frequent posts, so ensure you can properly maintain each board you make.

Craft Compelling Pins to Boost Engagement

Pin Amazon affiliate links with attention-grabbing content behind them to better pique potential customers’ interest. You can add a high-quality photo or video with a vertical aspect ratio since Pinterest users are mostly mobile. Then utilize calls to action that encourage your audience to pin (and share!) your content. These tips improve the chances that those with a personal Pinterest account actually see and interact with your pins.


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Design Visually Appealing Pins With Popular Content

Not everyone likes the same content types — some like photos or blog posts, while others prefer video. This means your marketing message gets across to the most potential customers when you pin Amazon affiliate links with different content combinations. For example, if you’re selling a cat toy, use still action shots with funny captions in a blog post pin and a video of cats playing with the toy in another.

Write Effective Pin Descriptions With Keywords

Detailed descriptions with pertinent keywords help drive traffic and sales when you post Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. No matter how excellent your content is, you need to leverage the search functions properly to ensure your content is noticed. Detailed descriptions that use keywords and phrases related to your specific products and niche improve exposure.

Use Rich Pins to Enhance Your Affiliate Content

Focus on search engine optimization (SEO) by using rich pins. The difference between pins and rich pins is that the latter pulls metadata from the affiliate link you’re promoting directly to your pin, making it easier for those searching for the term to find it. Use this feature by going to the Rich Pin Validator, entering information into the link box and clicking the Validate button. Note that this feature works on product pages and blog posts but not on website homepages.

Leverage Pinterest SEO to Increase Traffic and Visibility

Customers find your business on the Pinterest platform in several ways — the hashtag feed, follow tab, home feed, related pins and by searching. Likewise, each method has its own SEO strategy, and these tips help you build a game plan to promote affiliate links on Pinterest.


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Understand Pinterest’s Algorithm and Smart Feed

Not everything in the smart feed algorithm requires frequent pins — the platform ranks pins based on the quality of the pin, pinner, linked domain and relevance. Using rich pins that focus on specific themes increases the quality of each one, and the more you post and interact with other Pinterest users, the higher your pins typically rank in the smart feed.

Implement Keyword Research and Optimization

Pinterest Trends lets you easily research trends and use this information to optimize keywords. Click the drop-down box in the top right corner to select specific regions to view data about popular topics. Refine these trending topics even further to see how they rank by month, year or season to get a better idea of what Pinterest users want to see.

Utilize Hashtags Effectively With Affiliate Content

Hashtag optimization requires being very detailed and descriptive because you can only use 20 per post, and many people think having more than a few seems like spam. Select the hashtags you wish to use carefully, then add them to the end of the post. This strategy lets your content shine while taking advantage of relevant and timely hashtags.

Engage With Your Pinterest Community

Interacting with other Pinterest users draws interest to your account and gets you views on the following tab. Also, it gives you a chance to answer customer questions and concerns, which may spur repeat sales from satisfied customers while encouraging new customers to buy.


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Build Relationships With Influencers and Group Boards

The best influencers and group boards to cultivate are those that fit your specific business niche. Find these posters by searching the top pins for relevant keywords, then check out the influencers you discover on other social media platforms. When you find someone who uses the sort of promotion you prefer, reach out via direct messaging to start a conversation or offer them free products in exchange for promoting your brand.

Interact With Pinterest Users and Respond to Comments

Personal relationships matter, even on social media, which makes it imperative to interact with Pinterest users who comment on your posts. Even if they don’t have questions or concerns, a thank you for compliments or words of encouragement when they express frustration goes a long way to getting follows first and sales later.

Analyze Your Pinterest Analytics to Monitor Performance

Track how well your pins do by gauging effectiveness with Pinterest Analytics. These metrics include various data, such as engagement, save and pin click rates, providing valuable insight into which pins work and which don’t. Dive deep into this information by filtering for specific topics, then use what you find to optimize your keywords and content better.

Implement Advanced Pinterest and Amazon Marketing Strategies for Growth With Lead to Conversion

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