Facebook ppc ads affect seoYou may not immediately see the relationship between Facebook’s pay-per-click advertising and your own search engine optimization efforts, but there are a number of ways that the two can inform each other.

Today, there is no doubt that the major search engine algorithms take social media into account when determining webpage rankings. This means the more active you are on social media, the more buzz you create about your brand, and the more followers you can amass, the better your website will rank on a search engine results page.

As such, there are many ways that a Facebook PPC campaign will be linked to your SEO, and there are numerous ways you can use the results of your SEO research and analytics about your PPC campaign to make your digital marketing even more effective in the future.

Using Clicks to Refine Your SEO Strategy

Along with being able to set strict budgets and target specific demographics, one of the best things about a Facebook PPC campaign is the in-depth analytics that come along with it. Facebook advertising comes with their conversion measurement tool, which allows you to see:

  • The behavior of users who click your ads
  • How much you make on each sale that began with a click
  • Which keywords generate the most clicks and the most conversions

Facebook PPC campaigns provide detailed information about the customers who click on your ads and their behavior on your site, and this is invaluable information that you can use to refine your SEO and content marketing strategies.

With accurate and specific information about keywords and phrases that resonate with your customers on social media, you can improve your SEO keyword strategies to better target new customers, and convert more of your web traffic into paying customers.

Creating Content Based on Clicks

The same way that you can use clicks from your Facebook PPC campaign for keyword research, so too can you use clicks to determine what types of content your customers find relevant. While content is still king when it comes to SEO, only relevant content matters these days, and you can put Facebook ad analytics to use to figure out what your customers care about and how you can better engage them.

Social Optimization to Improve Your SEO

One of the newer additions to Google and Bing’s algorithms for determining website rankings is social signals, which include things like retweets, number of followers and likes, and positive comments. Therefore, if your Facebook PPC campaign increases your social media followers, generates interest in your company, and increases traffic to your website, then your ad campaign will have a positive impact on your SEO.

Conversely, the better your SEO strategy is, the more followers you’ll have on Facebook, and this will likely translate to you reaching an even greater number of potential customers with your PPC campaign.

Creating Authority and Legitimacy Through Social Media Branding

The more times potential customers see your brand, the more likely they are to become actual paying clients. This is because increased exposure translates to brand awareness, and this leads to increased traffic, more social shares (which creates even more traffic), and eventually more conversions.

Furthermore, the more a consumer is exposed to your company—especially when the exposure happens through different channels—the more legitimacy your company will have in that person’s eyes. Imagine if you were a consumer looking for a particular service: would you be more willing to try out the company whose name you’ve seen online and heard your friends talking about, or the other guy that nobody’s ever heard of?

A PPC campaign, therefore, can be an important way to build your brand and establish authority for your company, because it creates more exposure and more points of contact with potential customers, and this leads to brand recognition and trust. Moreover, happy customers will then be more likely to share your posts and content on social media, thus repeating the cycle for new potential customers.

A Facebook pay-per-click campaign can bolster an SEO strategy and vice versa, and the two should be used in conjunction to reach a larger audience more effectively.

Not only can you use PPC analytics to improve keyword use and content creation, but you can also grow your social media following and your brand authority by using SEO and PPC campaigns properly. This will result in more web traffic, more conversions, and more satisfied customers who will gladly spread the word about you on social media.

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