mobile first indexing for all new websitesGoogle just announced they will be rolling out their mobile first crawler, Googlebot smartphone, for crawling and indexing all new domains which is set to officially hit the scene as of July 1st, 2019.

Googlebot smartphone crawling the web is nothing new by any means since it’s been out in the wild for a while now. However, what is new is the announcement that just came out today which clearly shows Google’s pure focus on mobile search vs. desktop search isn’t going away and is ultimately replacing its predecessor.

What are the implications?

If you have a responsive website that automatically adjusts to fit the screen size of whatever device is prompting it, you’re probably in pretty good shape. You’ll want to make sure you evaluate and optimize the technical side of things such as site speed, CSS & JS file minification as well as image compression, static content formatting, calls-to-action placement, etc. to ensure your site will appease Google’s mobile crawler.

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In the event you have a separate mobile site with a different URL structure, you may want to strongly consider going through the process of redesigning your site and consolidating the mobile version to a singular responsive framework. You will, of course, want to 301 redirect your mobile URLs to the main site pages once you’ve gone through a responsive website design so you don’t lose any link popularity your mobile version may have acquired over the years.

Should you be operating a site that doesn’t offer either a responsive framework or a separate mobile version, you’ve been warned. If it hasn’t already, it will become a barren desert filled with tumbleweeds and not a drop of water in site. In other words, it’s toast.

The good news is nearly all sites that are now being created have a responsive framework built into them to adopt mobile out of the gate which we think is great.

Godspeed to all you webmasters out there…

If you’re not utilizing a responsive website you’re already one step behind your competitors. Internet marketing is evolving and so should your website. Adopt a modern responsive framework that Google will love by contacting us or calling 855-473-6582.