Your website. Your baby. Born into a world of search engines, surrounded by spiders, bad neighborhoods, and doorways to unknown places. You feed your baby, keep her clean, and dress her in flashy outfits. She is your life, and you will do anything to protect her from evil hackers and nasty viruses. As your baby grows older, you want her to get stronger, smarter and have good network of friends. Perhaps she will one day become a celebrity and find herself surrounded by thousands of fans and followers. In the search engine world, the possibilities seem endless.

When it comes to your baby, you want her to have a bright future. You are her caregiver, her teacher. However, she also needs a doctor to keep her healthy inside and out. Finding a good doctor is important to you, and Lead to Conversion has the right health plan to keep her strong. We want to see her grow and prosper, but she needs regular check-ups to make sure she is healthy enough to survive in the search engine world. In addition, a good education and networking will help her achieve her professional goals. But if she wants to stand out in a crowd – especially in the land of Google – Lead to Conversion can guide her to success.

Google Land

We all know babies need to be nurtured. In order to mature and become more socialized, your baby needs to be introduced to others who share her interests, as well as those who simply like her for her beauty. We will help your baby achieve her goals in life, but she needs to be aware of competitors and other challenges that may stand in her way. No doubt she will enjoy living in the land of Google, but she must be cautious of the pandas and penguins of the world that try to chase her away or cause her harm. The best way to protect her from these creatures (and others yet to be discovered) is to follow the rules of Google Land – and let Lead to Conversion be her Sherpa. Nobody can hide from the pandas and penguins of the world, but if these creatures find your baby doing something wrong – even though she may look innocent to you – it’s time to get help. Call the search and rescue team at Lead to Conversion, ask for a free health check (website analysis), and let us guide your baby safely home and help her navigate the terra infirma that lies ahead in the land of search and social.