If you are on top of things in the social media world then you’ve heard that there’s a New Myspace. Originally launched in August of 2003, MySpace was intended to be a place where music artist come to upload their music for others to hear hoping to be discovered. I joined Myspace because I love music with a passion. Then they started enhancing things like adding games, blogs and picking your top 8 favorite friends! You could upload pictures, meet new people, and search for new music.

Then came along Facebook and killed Myspace. For me it was a long and painful death. In 2007 I finally signed up for Facebook to see what all this hoopla was about. Originally created for college students to use, Facebook was so new to the social networking scene. I figured all I would find on there was young, college kids, and to be honest, I thought it was quit boring to begin with. So I kept going back to Myspace to listen to music, blog and chat with my friends. One by one all of my friends left me on Myspace and headed over to Facebook.

Then it happened. One day when I logged in, I saw Rebuilt. Redesigned. Reinvented. New.Myspace.com It was finally back! I quickly signed up to be notified when I could sign back up. It took less than 24 hours and I was on cloud 9! It was so easy. You were prompted to upload a profile picture, cover photo, micro-blog about whom you are. One super nice feature is the ability to create a radio station (like Pandora) where you can stream music you like right from your computer.

Here is why I think Myspace will be huge with in 6 months:

1. Music will never die. Ever. There will always be new musicians wanting “to be found” and Myspace is the perfect platform.
2. Myspace isn’t just for musicians. Now photographers, DJs, venues & comedians can have their own page. What a great way to get yourself out there.
3. Streaming a custom radio station. How cool is this. You can pick an artist and then Myspace find music similar to that artist’ style and plays music. And it’s free.

So how do you get invited with the new Myspace? Just sign into New.Myspace and put in your email address asking for an invite. Super easy. I bet you will be hooked. Myspace is definitely on a comeback.

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