new ecommerce website designWhen we were given the challenge of creating a new ecommerce website for a manufacturing company, we know that it would be different than the standard website.

We also knew that we were up to the challenge and that creating a manufacturing website with ecommerce functionality was something we could excel at.

As a leading supplier to the sealcoating industry in North America, Seal-Rite already had a solid customer base and was sought after by new customers all the time.

However, by redesigning the website and adding the ecommerce component, that customer base is sure to spread out as more and more people have the opportunity to purchase their high-quality products.

The site recently went live with its complete selection of over 390 items. Their products range from sealcoating units to large bulk storage tanks and custom-made truck beds. Each of the items featured on the website is accompanied by a photo and description.

As mentioned above, the ecommerce functionality will help expand the business by allowing customers to make purchases online for greater convenience. This functionality also lets customers know if the items they are seeking are currently in stock and available to be shipped.

responsive ecommerce websiteWe also wanted to ensure that the website was responsive and could function perfectly across all computers and devices. With customers using mobile devices to make online purchases, we needed to make sure that the new Seal-Rite website would look beautiful on all size screens from a large monitor all the way down to a smart phone.

Building On an Impeccable Reputation Within the Industry

With a history that is approaching 20 years in the sealcoating industry, Seal-Rite has made a name for itself in the marketplace. Back in 1997, when the company’s founders recognized that the equipment available at the time for Sealcoating professionals was lacking and could be improved, they decided to customize their own units.

From that point on, the company’s reputation for top-notch equipment and outstanding customer service began to grow.

Seal-Rite is built upon the vision of delivering personal attention to each of their customers, no matter how big or how small they may be. The equipment built by Seal-Rite ranges from smaller, more affordable units that are ideal for entrepreneurs who are just getting started in the Sealcoating business, to much larger ones.

They purposely avoid using terms like “Pro model” because every unit made by Seal-Rite is built to the highest professional standards, no matter the size or price.

With the launch of this newly redesigned website, Seal-Rite hopes their customers will see it as another indication of their ongoing commitment to delivering the best quality and service in the industry. You can check out their new site by visiting

At Lead to Conversion, we were proud to work on this manufacturing ecommerce website, and we are looking to watching it grow and flourish.

Talk to us today if you’d like to learn more about how we were able to bring this exciting new site to the sealcoating industry, or if you’re interested in having us create a website or SEO campaign for your business.