Google’s Official “Site Kit” Is Here!

Did you hear the news? Google just released its very own “Site Kit” for WordPress websites. This is huge!

For years, webmasters and site owners alike had to have multiple tabs open to publish WordPress pages and posts (Tab #1), force search engine crawls via Google Search Console (tab #2), and look at Google Analytics data to look at statistical data points (tab #3). The list of tabs goes on, but it appears the new Google Site Kit just changed the game.

If you thought the time you spend in your WordPress admin dashboard was already at its peak, you would be wrong. You’re going to be spending more time…but you’ll like hearing why below!

The new Google Site Kit is one of the most robust plugins a WordPress site owner can have to obsess over a wealth of data points and testing options that to date, have never been available within the confines of the WP-Admin/WP-Login dashboard and available plugins. And it’s a great companion to plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math which allow for SEO coding and content inclusions.

Google’s Site Kit acts as a complementary piece of artillery to help WordPress site owners and webmasters do the following integrations with no hard coding required:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Page Speed Insights (a BIG deal for Mobile SEO)
  • Google AdSense

The great thing about the new Google Site Kit is all of the information is available directly from your WordPress dashboard. You heard correctly. ALL of the Site Kit data and ability to source information, force search engine spider crawls, etc. will all be available from within your WordPress dashboard.

See. We told you the time you spend in your WP dashboards wasn’t at its peak. ;)

Parting Note: 

Here at Lead to Conversion, we’re pretty excited about the new Google Site Kit plugin. We’ve already started downloading it for client sites at a breakneck speed even astronauts would struggle to handle in terms of g-force.

Site Kit just hit the scene, so it remains to be seen if it’s going to be riddled with bugs or falls flat. Since Google isn’t a firm known for product failures (with the exception of Google+ among a few others), we’re confident this new plugin will be fantastic. If you’re a website owner or an agency conducting ongoing digital marketing campaigns such as SEO and PPC for clients, you absolutely need this plugin!

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