Social media is one of the most effective advertising tools that a physical therapy practice can use. But it’s only effective if it’s used properly. Setting up a plan for physical therapy social media marketing might seem like a huge undertaking, especially when you’re busy taking care of patients. The good news is that working with someone who’s familiar with the ins and outs of physical therapy social media marketing can make this task easier for you.

Many physical therapists don’t realize that people check social media when they’re trying to determine where to seek services. One of the first things you need to do is determine what goal you have for your physical therapy social media account.

You have to set goals for the social media account. Obviously, your top priority is likely getting new clients into your business. But, you also need to think about other goals like making your name in the community and offering tips to help people who visit your page. Your goals can help you set the plan for your social media marketing presence.

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Keep Content Flowing

Keeping the content on your social media pages up to date helps keep your page showing up on potential patient’s pages. This also gives your physical therapy social media profiles more content that search engines can pick up, which can also boost your presence.

The content you post must be high-quality content. Don’t fall victim to posting pointless content, because that won’t produce good results with the search engines. Some content providers will just stuff keywords into their articles in an attempt to boost search engine rankings, but this isn’t effective.

When you choose content for your social media profiles, try to post points that will encourage interaction with the posts. Even followers liking the posts can help boost your placement and engagement.

Utilize Multiple Platforms

While most businesses use Facebook for marketing, other social media platforms are just as important. Diversifying your advertisements enables you to reach more people with similar posts than what’s possible with only one.

You may notice that some content performs better on certain platforms. Paying attention to this can help save you time when you’re doing the posting for each platform. You’ll find that the return you get for your time and monetary investment is best when you use multiple platforms.

Remain Responsive

One huge factor that can set your practice above others is remaining responsive. This means responding to comments and answering messages. Ideally, you’ll have someone who’s familiar with your practice answering questions for your company.

When it comes to answering messages, time is critical. Try to answer them as quickly as you can. There’s more leeway when it comes to replying to comments, but you should still try to be responsive to comments. Some people will view your responsiveness on social media as a good point because they assume you’ll be just as responsive to your patients.

Being responsive can also mean you’re able to get appointments that other physical therapy practices are missing out on. Some patients will book an appointment with the first physical therapist who responds to their messages. By being quick with messages, you might end up with some loyal clients.

Check Reviews of Your Business

Reviews are a big component of social media marketing, so you have to pay attention to them. You’re likely going to get some negative reviews, but part of reputation management is responding to those as well. You should reply in an empathetic manner to all complaints to show people that your practice cares.

Some people are tempted to avoid responding to negative comments, but this is never a good idea. You can use the negative comments as a springboard to ensure potential customers can see that you take your practice seriously. It may behoove you to respond to positive comments. You can show off your physical therapy practice’s family atmosphere in these responses.

Scrutinize Key Metrics

You can look at key points like who your social media page is attracting and how those people are engaging with it. Learning about the people who are interacting with your page can help you make the most of your advertising budget because you’ll know who you should target with ads.

It’s possible that your prime audience is going to be different on each platform. So don’t expect that what works on Facebook will suffice on Instagram. Instead, tailor your audience and content to the best audience on each social media platform.

Use Paid Advertisements

Social media advertisements can provide you with a great return on your investment. In order to make this possible, you have to use ads that stand out, meet the platform’s guidelines and are targeted to the audience that’s likely to convert to clients for your practice. Be sure to change the ad content often so potential customers don’t get accustomed to seeing your ads and overlook them.

All too often physical therapy practice owners start out strong with their social media marketing and then let things start to slide. Keeping up with physical therapy social media marketing is an important step in building your brand awareness. Hiring a company that’s proficient in social media marketing and management like Lead to Conversion can help reduce the effort you have to put into keeping your company’s presence strong across all the platforms.