Many of today’s internet marketers will tell you that SEO, Content Marketing, Link Development, and Social Media are all separate industries; Independent of one another when it comes to marketing strategy. Let’s debunk this theory. An effective internet marketing strategy is complex, like today’s consumer. They want authenticity. They want answers to their questions and they want them now. Thanks to this world wide web, consumers are smarter and they catch on quickly to a gimick. If you aren’t evolving with your customers, you will be left behind. It’s time to join the marketing revolution.

Let’s look at this new way of integrated marketing as an arcade game. You can’t expect to be amazing at it the first time you play. Often, you’ll watch the high score holders play a few rounds first while you gather information about their strategy. This could possibly be the most important step. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you throw yourself into the competition. Set goals for yourself, but don’t set unrealistic ones. You are, in fact, still a novice, so don’t expect to make the high score ranking in your first handful of turns. Learn from your mistakes, if you’re a little heavy handed and you come on too strong at first, work on a gentle approach. Timing is key, and that takes practice, so practice. No one can achieve greatness without practice. These simple strategies are easily translated over into anything you wish to do well. A well rounded strategy requires mindfulness and intention. Which is why all strategies require a finishing move, one last impactful punch that leaves your lasting impression. In Content Marketing, this move will be your social media push. Lead to Conversion has been playing this game, perfecting their strategies and wants to get you on that scoreboard with the best of them!

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Miranda Imperi is an Integrated Search Specialist at Lead to Conversion. She specializes in content marketing and relationship building and believes in a holistic and integrated approach to SEO. She has helped many businesses improve their internet presence and traffic through link building, guest blogging, and social media platform optimization.