video for websitesSimply put, the point of a company website is to grow your business.

Your website will do this by showcasing products and services, attracting new customers and retain existing customers.

Even though your website performs a variety of functions the end goal is to increase profits. And as long as the goals of your business website are in line with this, then you will only do yourself a huge favor by incorporating video or motion graphics into your website.

There are a number of reasons why video is so important for today’s websites, but they essentially all boil down to the same rationale: videos resonate better with visitors.

Remember too that engaged visitors are more likely to become paying customers.

Videos and Motion Graphics Bring Life to Data  

If any of the products or services you provide require any sort of explanation, then videos and motion graphics are the optimal choices.

For one, videos are far more interesting that massive blocks of text, and you can pack a lot more data into a short video than you could into multiple pages of text.

Imagine if someone had to explain a complex scientific idea to you, such as string theory: would you rather watch a brief video that explored the tenets of the theory or read over a textbook chapter about it?

If you said watch a video, then you’re in the same boat as most of your customers, and they feel the same way about learning about your business.

Grab Attention With Video In Only a Few Seconds

Once you get a customer onto your website, you only have about eight seconds to stir up interest, otherwise the lead will bounce. Not only is a video or motion graphic much more likely to grab attention, but you can also say a lot more in the eight seconds you have if you present a video instead of just text.

Think about it this way: if you had one single message to deliver to your customers before they left your site, a video would give you a much greater opportunity to get that message across.

Moreover, if your video is successful in engaging your customers, they’ll spend more time on your site, learn more about your products and services, and be more likely to remember you in the future.

Video On Landing Pages Can Increase Conversion Rates

While getting visitors onto your site and keeping them there is half the battle, the other half is converting those leads into actual sales.

How can a video help with this, you ask?

For one, visitors will be 60 percent more likely to purchase from your site if they see a product video first, and this number skyrockets even higher if they see a product video on our landing page.

Technology is making video production easier and more affordable than ever before, so there’s really no reason why even small companies can’t incorporate video, or at least motion graphics, into their websites and landing pages. Especially when you consider how impactful videos are and the power they have to pique customer interest and convert visitors into paying customers, there’s simply no question that your website should use video and motion graphics as part of your customer engagement strategy.

Make sure your website is modernized with attention grabbing video and motion graphics. Contact Lead to Conversion to discuss how we can showcase your products and services.