Social media marketing services are no longer a luxury that only big companies and trendy start-ups benefit from. With 70% of the United States population using at least one social media network, the scope and reach of social media pages cannot be underestimated. With social networks set to continue growing at an exponential rate, a solid social media presence is one of the best ways to connect with and learn more about your target audience while increasing the number of revenue streams and helping you connect with a wider target market.

An expertly crafted social media marketing plan from Lead to Conversion™ can help you improve brand awareness, reach prospects organically and gain a deeper insight into your company. At the same time, an effective social media marketing campaign can boost brand engagement, positively influence SEO and generate more leads that are primed to convert.

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Increase Brand Awareness, Loyalty and Authority

In a sea of competitors, your brand is what sets you apart and makes potential customers remember who you are and come back to your website. Social media campaigns can play a pivotal role in getting your company’s name out into local and national markets. Working with a social media marketing company gives you the best shot at creating digital marketing campaigns that boost your social presence and draw eyes to your social platforms.

The beauty of every social media account, from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and YouTube, is sharing. When people like and share your social media posts, they’re essentially conducting free social media advertising campaigns on your behalf. However, social media marketing efforts require an expert knowledge of content creation, timing and social strategy. Working with a social media management agency can help you unlock results from the different social media platforms at speed.

Boost Search Engine Rankings and Conversion Rate

Social media SEO alone can attract visitors to your website, but it works exceptionally well as part of your digital marketing strategy. A social media platform is effective because it acts as a space for you to share ad campaigns and content creation efforts that inspire your followers to like and share your social media posts.

What’s more, every comment, video, image and blog post on social media is an opportunity to drive traffic to your site. Social media marketing is also unique because it lets you interact with your audience. Developing personal relationships with your audience is one of the best ways to drive engagement online.

Use Data to Drive Future Digital Marketing Efforts

An active social media account is one of the best places to learn about your audience and draw data from for future decision making. The social media specialists at our digital marketing agency can help you make sense of all this data and use it to attract more social media users to your social media platforms. You’ll gain insight into users’ opinions and interests, which can help you refine your social media marketing strategies so you target the people who are most likely to use your products or services.

The LTC Process


Analyze Competitors’ Social Media Accounts

The first step our social media management company takes to optimize your social media networks’ conversion rates is brand research. We get to know everything about your company, mission statement, business objectives and social media marketing goals. Once we understand your organization, our social media team conducts in-depth competitor analysis to assess the online presence of your local or closest competition.

Once the above is complete, we start lining up your digital marketing campaigns with your goals. Some common goals companies want social media services to help with include:

  • Increasing engagement
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Generating leads
  • Acquiring more conversions
  • Increasing sales


Create a Customized Social Media Marketing Strategy

Once we understand the social media management services you require, your social media account manager can get to work devising a strategy. We’ll start out by creating buyer personas, with in-depth profiles of your target audience. This provides us with the information necessary to design a social media strategy that resonates with the people who are most likely to buy from your specific business.

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to profiling your target audience; instead, we work tirelessly to understand your businesses’ target demographic. Some details we’ll uncover about your target market include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income bracket
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Pain points
  • Most-used social platforms

Armed with these details, we can go about creating content that inspires trust and resonates with your target market. We’ll also find out which channels to focus on for delivering marketing services that make a visible impact. For example, Facebook is the leading social media platform, and it has tools such as Facebook Audience Insights that we can use to further refine your social media offering. However, some demographics are more likely to use Instagram, TikTok or YouTube — and every channel has its own method of collecting data and providing insights.


Implement a Social Media Strategy Schedule

Posting on social media is more strategic than most people realize, and a carefully managed calendar is essential to maximize on your social media advertising spend. A crucial reason many companies choose to work with a social media management service is to allow them to manage and refine the calendar on an ongoing basis.

A social media agency has access to data about which types of posts convert best for specific verticals, as well as unparalleled insight into the timing and frequency that delivers the best results. It’s usually best to devise a plan about when to post and what to post about before tackling content creation.


Optimize Strategic Social Media Content

Images and videos are becoming increasingly important in social media, with posts that come along with a cute infographic or fun video resulting in significantly more click-throughs. Creating images and videos takes a lot of time, but it’s vital for success — which is another reason why more companies are choosing to work with a social media marketing agency.

Carefully managed content curation is another facet of social media marketing that can be frustratingly time-consuming for a decision-maker attempting to oversee social media campaigns on top of their actual role. Sharing content from sources who are relevant and likely to share back is a great way to keep your audience engaged and maximize your social reach.


Track Social Media Performance

Before social media marketing, there was a whole lot more guesswork involved in competitive analysis and target audience profiling. Analytical tools give marketers more power than ever to adjust campaigns to deliver the best results. Social media marketing experts are best placed to understand this data and use it to refine future campaigns.

What’s more, we’re in the best position to conduct competitor analysis from a removed, unbiased perspective. We’ll continually carry out this type of research to gauge how your social media marketing output compares to your direct competitors. Some of the practices we assess include:

  • The type of content they share
  • How frequently they update social channels
  • Which social channels they use
  • How well their efforts are being rewarded


Refine Your Social Media Presence

Our social media marketing services aren’t a flash in the pan. The tech-world is fast-paced, and consumer demands are changing at a faster rate than ever as a result. Social media tactics that worked even a year ago quickly become outdated, so it’s vital that you constantly analyze and refine your strategy to continue getting results.

We have the expertise and laser focus on digital marketing necessary to ensure your social media output remains at the cutting edge and exceeds your target market’s expectations.

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The price of various social media advertising services vary considerably, and we can help you spend the right amount for your company’s needs. Our pricing is highly competitive and includes all the social media services mentioned above.

Social Media Channels Help You Reach Your Target Audience

Using a creative content strategy to generate amazing content in the form of blog posts, articles and videos is one thing, but getting them in front of the people who need to see them is another. Social media provides the deepest insight into your audience of all, letting you categorize potential buyers by online activity, age and spending habits. We can use insights from social media to create a profile of your target market with greater accuracy than any other method.

What’s more, social media can position you as a thought leader in your vertical market and facilitate the formation of meaningful connections with your customers. As any operator knows, building long-lasting relationships and inspiring repeat purchases is the holy grail for any business, and social media is a key driving force in the modern marketplace.


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