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Videos will allow you to enjoy great increases in your optimization and rankings.

Whether you’re interested in solely pursuing video marketing or you would like to utilize this proven strategy, along with a comprehensive and integrated approach to your online efforts, LTC will get the job done. We have the experience and expertise you need and we’re always a step ahead of the curve, constantly staying up-to-date with the latest trends to make sure you never fall behind.

Here is a recent example of a product video we created for Axis Communications:

Why Video Marketing?

You’re likely familiar with the variety of different types of online marketing and various approaches which may or may not produce results. What makes video marketing different is that it’s the perfect match for an ever-evolving online environment, where all types of unique content are valued.

Content interactivity, social sharing and integration, and overall user experience are all paramount in today’s online marketplace. Videos check off each of these areas, offering an all-in-one piece of content that is ideally suited to help your business stand out.

If unique written content is valuable and a picture is worth a thousand words: Then what’s the value of great video marketing? For many businesses, it’s invaluable.

With video marketing, you’ll broaden your overall presence, while also establishing yourself as an industry leader and trusted source of information. You’ll build your brand, while further enhancing the power of your social outlets. And, all of this traffic will be directed back towards your website.

Additionally, with the help of good timing and insight, along with sharing your high-quality resources with the ideal industry channels, video marketing can sometimes even take on a life of its own and accomplish everyone’s favorite buzzword, “going viral.”

Benefits of Video SEO

When video SEO is performed properly, you’ll benefit from high search engine placement with the videos themselves, while also adding SEO value to your website.

Video SEO offers you a means of getting high-quality incoming links that point back to important pages of your site. A video may inform an interested, targeted prospect on how you make your product, for example, or why your product is so advantageous. Appropriate linking then sends those users directly to your site to make a purchase or find more information.

In some ways, innovative video SEO is actually easier than on-site SEO itself. For instance, you’ll benefit from the power of existing platforms such as YouTube. Not only are there limitless users, many of whom would never have found you before, but also there’s a built-in credit with Google in terms of ranking preference.

Your video could be found at the top of Google for your most important keywords and phrases quicker than expected. This is one of the most important reasons why video SEO is an essential and high-powered part of your overall online plan.

Proper Video Optimization

Many businesses find that their videos end up outranking their actual websites. As mentioned, you can capitalize off the power of YouTube and Google’s preference for quality content and videos, moving you straight to the top of the search list.

While to some this may seem like a conflict of interest or a fight with your own website for placement, both of those scenarios are incorrect. As long as these videos properly funnel users to your site and are accurately branded with your information, they can offer the best of both worlds.

You leap over the competition, gain a quick foothold at the top of the search engines, and still increase traffic to your site. You can bring in more prospects and convert them into customers and clients.

Video optimization incorporates numerous factors, just as on-site optimization does. This includes finding the right title, description, tags, and more. It also optimizes your business’s video channel.

High-Quality Video Production Makes a Difference

All areas of online marketing have changed over the years and this holds true for videos as well. If you think you can skimp on video production and still see all of the aforementioned results, you’re mistaken.

You can’t hijack bits and pieces of video from other sources or use a still image and talk over it for five minutes, while expecting to see the same results. High-quality video production is as important as the proper optimization and distribution of those videos.

That doesn’t mean you need a video that’s fit for the silver screen, though. Video production can be scaled to fit into the budget of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Video Marketing & Optimization Solutions

Many businesses are hesitant to dive into the world of video marketing, because they don’t know where to begin, and they don’t fully understand the results it can produce.

Today’s online landscape is all about enhanced user experiences, interactivity with content, social sharing and more. High quality videos accomplish all of this and more. They’ll help you stand out from the crowd, provide you with a social presence, and give you fresh, engaging content beyond the boring stacks of text that visitors see everywhere else.

At Lead to Conversion, our video optimization services will provide you with an array of benefits.

  • Videos found prominently in search engines
  • Proper linking drives prospects to your site
  • Increase your profile as a trusted source of industry information
  • Additional SEO benefits

We will design a video marketing strategy that may inform, educate, entertain or otherwise engage your target market, and implement this approach as a piece of your total online marketing efforts to produce superior results.

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