Cabinet manufacturing is a gigantic industry, with kitchen cabinets alone earning billions. Of course, this also means it’s a very competitive enterprise. About 30% of the industry is controlled by big names; the rest consists of small businesses, working hard to deliver quality products and stay in the game.

With so many competitors, it’s essential to make your business stand out among the masses. One way to achieve this is through online marketing. Successful marketing for cabinet manufacturing requires connecting with your target audience through a compelling advertisement campaign, website and social media profile. At Lead to Conversion™, our team of digital marketing experts will come up with unique ideas to increase your online presence, then create and execute them to convert customers and turn your cabinetry business dreams into reality. Here’s how we accomplish this.

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Why Is Digital Marketing Important
for Increasing Cabinet Leads?

In today’s increasingly digitized world, having an online strategy is non negotiable. You need to have a constant pipeline of clients to stay profitable, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Luckily, the internet provides businesses with unparalleled access to consumers — and we can help you tap into it.

More and more cabinet contractors emerge all the time, and honing the most up-to-date online marketing techniques will help you stand out.

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Website Design

Your website is the customer’s insight into what your business has to offer; a few clicks should be able to tell them everything, from custom pools and cabinets to location information and pricing. A slow website with a poor layout gives your business a bad reputation and is sure to result in potential customers clicking away.

Our team will rework your website to make it more enticing to audiences, performing the following functions:

  • Creating easy-to-navigate menus
  • Fixing technical issues (like slow-loading pages)
  • Adding images and graphics
  • Checking the mobile layout

Considering that over 50% of website traffic is from mobile devices, it’s important that your website is compatible with smartphones. If the graphics fail to load or the layout is off, you’re going to be losing out on a large chunk of customers. Our team specializes in responsive website design, ensuring your website looks great, is easy to use and attracts your desired customers.


The more people who see your website, the more customers you get. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, widens your client base by boosting your site to the top of search engines, establishing your credibility in the cabinet manufacturing industry.

We offer a team of SEO experts who help increase your website visibility by performing several SEO-based functions, such as:

  • Enhancing website quality
  • Utilizing keywords
  • Building backlinks
  • Fixing technical issues (such as duplicate content and page speed)

Getting your website to the top of search engines isn’t easy, but with the right team by your side, it can be done. At Lead to Conversion™, we increase your brand recognition by researching what keywords attract your target demographic, forging relationships with other sites that can help boost your relevancy and evaluating your website to make sure it’s high-quality and functional.

Local SEO

Getting your website to the top of search engines is great, but you also want to make sure you’re attracting clientele in your region. That’s why part of our cabinet marketing plan involves local SEO. We help increase your recognition in your geographic area by getting your company listed in business directories (such as Yelp), increasing your online reviews and referrals and incorporating locally based content onto your site.

We also connect you to customers through a Google Business Profile profile, a platform that allows you to share updates and interact with customers. Many business owners are distant from their consumer base, interacting with them solely through products and services. Our goal is to personalize your business, making customers more inclined to work with you.


Organic searches are just one way to boost your online visibility. The other way is through pay-per-click advertising (PPC), or Google Ads. PPC can target the demographic you want and instantly put you at the top of search engines, offering quick and efficient results.

Pay-per-click advertising is essential to any decent marketing strategy, with over 79% of marketers claiming to see an increase in their website traffic after utilizing it. A good PPC campaign keeps track of your metrics, letting you know which types of ads work and which don’t. The ability to adapt your campaign in real time lets you optimize your revenue, quickly earning back the investment you put into the advertisements.

The most effective search engine strategy is a combination of PPC and organic SEO. Our PPC campaign managers are Google Ads certified and will keep track of the success of ad content, analyzing which headlines and phrases work and where to post the ads.

Social Media Marketing

Believe it or not, social media can be a great method for marketing custom cabinets. With over 3 billion users, online platforms offer a quick and easy way to connect with clientele, making social media marketing essential to your business.

When it comes to curating your presence on social media, we take a threefold approach: Our goal is to build your following, enhance your reputation and ultimately increase your website traffic. We accomplish this by:

  • Creating quality content
  • Posting across different social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Reaching out directly to your desired audience

We don’t just share boring posts that list facts and statistics about your cabinet business; we give your company a personality that people can connect to. Whether you want to take a comical approach or a more emotional one, we can develop a profile that suits your needs.

Social Media Advertising

Posting fun, organic content is a great way to connect to people, but it can take a while. That’s why we also offer social media advertising, which involves paying platforms to have your content boosted and make it reach a wider audience. Targeted Facebook Ads or promoted Instagram posts are a quick way to share your website with the people you want to be your customers.

The ultimate goal is, of course, to persuade people to then proceed to your website and learn more about what your business has to offer. An engaging, entertaining advertisement tells potential clients your company is worth checking out. Through our data-backed recommendations and analytics, we can keep track of the success of your advertisements and adjust your profile accordingly. For example, we can see what type of content attracts your audience and which platforms they tend to engage with, helping guarantee a return on your investment.

Email Marketing

Half the global population uses email, which makes email marketing a smart and efficient way to convert new customers. However, there’s one hurdle that can stop any business from reaching customers through email: spam mail.

Our team helps craft your email marketing campaign to overcome the junk mail hurdle. Once those emails get into the inbox, it’s essential that potential customers actually like the content you’re promoting. We create unique emails by incorporating:

  • Graphics
  • Customer testimonials
  • Case studies

To ensure your emails are being well received, we test messages before sending them out. We will test even the smallest details, determining what content, subject lines and even font styles customers prefer to provide the best user experience possible.

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