Thanks to the advancement of technology, audiences and viewers are more accessible than ever before. Over 70% of marketers are crafting marketing strategies in order to connect with their audience and quickly expand their client bases.

Every business that chooses to take steps in the digital world is reaping the advantages of content marketing including windows companies. To succeed in windows and doors marketing, you need to be able to create a compelling digital presence that can connect with your target audience.

People often say marketing is a full-time job — because it’s a lot of work. That’s why many businesses choose to outsource it, leaving the digital marketing strategy to the experts and focusing on their business. At Lead to Conversion™, we help expand your advertisements across all digital media platforms and websites to elevate your client base, your profit and brand recognition. Here’s how our windows marketing company strategy can help you.

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Why Is Windows and Doors Marketing Important?

While word of mouth will always hold some importance, it’s almost entirely moved online. Whether you do home services, commercial electrical work, installations, maintenance or all of the above, most new customers are going to find you through a Google Search or social media. Not only that, but they also have access to tons of review sites and blogs to help them make decisions about the best company for their needs.

Having a marketing strategy takes into account the basics that you probably already have in place, such as using print or broadcast media for ads, displaying testimonials, getting referrals from fellow business owners and having a mailing list of current customers. However, in the digital age, you need to do so much more to stand out above the competition.

From brand strategy to search engine optimization (SEO) and your social media presence, you must leave no avenue for potential growth unexplored. Read on to find out about some of the most important aspects of digital marketing for windows and doors contractors that Lead to Conversion™ can assist you with.

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Search Engine Optimization

Anyone who knows the basics of digital marketing must be aware of SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a major key to success in digital marketing. The core of SEO is to make your website relevant by showing its full credibility, advancing it to the top of the search engines and making it one of the first things potential audiences can see.

Good SEO also involves increasing the quality of the website content by using the right keywords and key phrases that relate to the target demographic and by sorting out technical issues to ensure a transparent user experience.

We offer a team of experts that will assure the best SEO by performing the following actions:

  • Analyzing your website
  • Healthy comparison with competitors
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink building

We take a detailed examination of your website and can stabilize any broken links, boost the speed, get rid of duplicate content and plagiarism and fix any technical issues that may be negatively representing your website. Our marketing campaign will also boost your visibility by performing comprehensive keyword and domain research to get backlinks to your website.

Local SEO

A huge part of windows and doors marketing is grabbing the attention of the audience in a specific location. Our marketing services involve optimizing your website to ensure it’s seen by the residents within your area, which is the purpose of local SEO.

We offer several strategies to help you connect with the target audience in your area. These include:

  • Compatibility across devices
  • Business directory submissions (local citations)
  • Online reviews engagement strategy
  • Local content

If you have consistent, detailed information about your business displayed on all your platforms, it tells the search engine that you are who you say you are, which is essential to establishing your legitimacy. Moreover, the validation of business directories (such as Yelp and Angie’s List) and online reviews let people know about your site and how to access it. We help you get on these directories and solicit reviews, boosting your visibility among those essential local residents.

Google Business Profile is another great way to connect with your local audience. Through this platform, you’ll establish the credibility of your business, along with being able to update and have exchanges with customers. Our digital marketing for windows companies involves helping you build a Google Business Profile account to increase your local presence, with the end goal being to connect with potential customers and turn them into paying ones.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Almost half of all website traffic comes from organic searches — have you ever wondered where the other half of this audience is coming from?

A huge contribution to online marketing is pay-per-click ads or PPC, commonly referred to as Google Ads. Many business owners decide on a combination of SEO, which is an organic search, and PPC, which is paid for. This combination offers the best of both worlds and is a great advantage in business. Benefits of PPC include:

  • Rapid results
  • Ability to target your demographic
  • Increasing information about your product

You can target specific people through Google Ads, such as those who visited your website but didn’t purchase anything. A good PPC campaign conducts market research to keep track of which procedure is working, allowing you to optimize your strategy and quickly earn back your investment.

Running a successful PPC campaign requires a knowledgeable, hard-working PPC team. Our digital marketing team will ensure your advertisement is high quality by monitoring the success of keywords, adding new content and optimizing the location of ads, all while operating within your given budget.

We have a great team of PPC campaign managers who are Google Ad certified, demonstrating their expertise, experience and dedication in the field.

Email Marketing

Since the evolution of the internet, there’s one communication tool that’s accessible to almost everyone: email. Email marketing is a great way to provide information about your windows or doors company and reach new clients. Of course, like any platform, it has its own challenges, and one of those is junk mail. In fact, you might notice that many emails are wasting away in your junk folder right now.

Our team will help you easily overcome that junk mail barrier by helping draft your mail to quickly increase your customer conversion rate. We offer the following tasks:

  • Selecting the appropriate content
  • Targeting your desired customers
  • Testing your messages

Our team also tests all our messages to help determine which types of emails are most attractive to your target base. We test the general content and the subject lines to evaluate the little details, optimizing things like font sizes and their presenting style.

Social Media Marketing

Anyone who uses social media knows it’s a quick, efficient way to connect with several people at once. That also makes it a great way to market products.

Creating a unique social media profile that has a personality behind it and posting compelling, convincing content will help you target your desired audiences. We can help you craft the perfect social media presence for your business, offering the following guarantees:

  • An increase in followers
  • An improvement in your reputation
  • An increase in website traffic

If you have thousands of followers but they’re not converting into customers, then it’s pretty ineffective for you and your business. Our main purpose is to attract as many people as possible through your accounts, persuading them to visit your website and learn about your services. Even if they don’t purchase anything, they have a name in mind next time they need home improvement or a window replacement.

Social Media Advertising

Creating posts and having an engaging blog aren’t the only things you can do to attract potential customers on social media.

Just as you can use PPC to optimize your windows and doors marketing strategy, you can also combine organic natural content with purposeful targeted content to get the most out of social media profiles.

Instagram ads can broaden your outreach by directly targeting your desired audience. Another recommended method is Facebook ads; considering that there are over 2 billion users on Facebook, it can be difficult to reach your target audience through organic content. Targeted Facebook ads offer a little assistance that goes a long way.

Our team will help curate your ads, crafting unique content that will instantly appeal to your desired audience. We also offer analytics and reporting, allowing us to determine which ads work best.

Website Design

You want your consumers to instantly know that your product is high quality. That starts with an attractive web design that offers the best possible customer experience. Your clients should be able to instantly see and know everything about your business; there shouldn’t be any lagging pages or misconstrued layouts getting in the way.

Our team of experts is ready to evaluate and work on your website, optimizing it to guarantee a positive customer experience. We achieve this by working on both your internal content and your technology, assisting with functions like:

  • Hamburger menus and drop-down menus
  • Attractive images and graphic designs
  • User-friendly layout
  • Accessibility on all devices

Not many businesses are aware that about half their audience is mobile users. It’s essential, then, that a website looks good on both desktop and mobile screens. We truly understand the mobile market; our experienced web designers make sure your website works well across all devices to ensure you’re reaching as many potential customers as possible.

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