Online marketing is a long-term strategy that combines multiple marketing tactics to drive traffic, improve rankings, and develop brand awareness.

An example of integrated marketing is a strategy that combines SEO, PPC, email marketing and retargeting.

The Goal 

A holistic strategy is designed around the needs of your audiences. By combining the right channels, such as social media or pay-per-click advertising together, you are able to provide a seamless experience for your audience to interact with your brand, for improved user experience.  

Common components of integrated marketing strategies might include:

  • Pay per click, or PPC, advertising, which can drive heavily targeted traffic to your page almost immediately.
  • Search engine optimization, or SEO, which works on long-term brand awareness and traffic goals while boosting your rank in the search engines.
  • Social media marketing, which encourages engagement, drives awareness and can help you develop a customer culture and brand ambassadors.
  • Local marketing, which helps drive both web and foot traffic for companies that have a local storefront or provide a service within specific geographic regions.

At Lead to Conversion™, we work to combine these types of elements into an integrated marketing strategy that achieves high ROI by leveraging targeted keywords that are tested in one type of marketing campaign before being emulated across services to impact more business in a sustainable way.

Multi-channel marketing allows us to create campaigns that more than pay for themselves by working smarter and using the data we collect through each cycle of the process to positively impact the outcome of the next step.

Why Should You Leverage Multiple Marketing Channels

In addition to capitalizing on the constant refinement and learning that can occur with integrated marketing, an integrated approach helps you easily command multiple channels. That’s critical to the overall success of your online branding and advertising campaigns for a number of reasons.

  • No marketing channels exist in a vacuum online; they’re all highly dependent on each other. Channels such as social, blogs, on-site landing pages and product descriptions, Google Business Profile listings, and PPC ads should work seamlessly together and convey the same branding and messaging as part of a large web that funnels prospects to your pages or physical location.
  • Appearing on multiple channels gets you in front of the prospect numerous times. Marketing stats and conventional sales wisdom both indicate that an average prospect has to see your message as much as seven times before they take action on it.
  • It marketing also ensures your brand has a wide exposure and that you’re interacting with consumers in multiple formats. That helps drive brand awareness and makes it more likely you’ll interact with each individual consumer in a way that works with their needs or personality.

Holistic marketing strategies let you leverage the benefits of multi-channel marketing from the outset of any campaign.

Tracking Multiple Marketing Campaigns

One of the cornerstones of successful integrated marketing communication and implementation is tracking multiple campaigns and using analysis and data to impact each leg of the strategy.

At Lead to Conversion™, we offer marketing plans that include call tracking on PPC, social, SEO and content campaigns to quantify and qualify leads.

The goal should always be to identify and optimize efforts that seem to draw the most traffic and conversions. We use call tracking to:

  • Discover how people shop between different channels
  • Understand which channels drive the most leads
  • Determine how content and channel type relates to lead quality and conversions
  • Test assumptions and create improvements with each new segment of the campaign

Example Marketing Plans

We work with you as your integrated digital marketing agency to develop the plan that best meets your needs. Examples of multi-channel approaches we offer in one plan include:

  • PPC, Local and SEO marketing to
    • Boost revenues in the short-term by driving qualified leads to your pages
    • Drive touch points with local customers by helping you get found via desktop and mobile searches by the right people
    • Develop a long-term, organic optimization strategy to keep you on top in the SERPs
  • PPC, Social and SEO marketing to
    • Drive those fast, qualified leads
    • Build trust with consumers, develop brand awareness and engage your audience online
    • Ensure you are positioned to remain at the top of the search engine results for relevant searches

Why Work with Lead to Conversion™?

A campaign can get complex, and it takes experts in each area to pull it off completely. At Lead to Conversion™, we have departments to support each area, which means dedicated staff who are passionate about their specialty take the helm of each channel or effort. Someone who excels at social marketing helps you hit a home run on Twitter and Facebook while one of our SEO geniuses handles the research, analytics and implementation to boost you in the SERPs.

And since all those individuals work as a team, they’re able to collaborate to ensure high performance, streamlined processes and minimal waste as the integrated strategy is developed and implemented.

Our white glove, boutique service is based in the U.S. and lets you worry less about marketing getting done right so you can concentrate on serving your own customers.

Campaign Pricing

Pricing for our marketing plans starts at $750 per month.

Contact us today to learn more about how our hybrid marketing agency services can help you leap boldly forward with marketing, sales and revenue goals.