Ecommerce Facebook Advertising Case Study

CLIENT: B2B & DTC Paint Manufacturer 


CAMPAIGN TYPE: Facebook Advertising

Goal: Acquire new customers and incentivize existing ones to order paint and oil products


  • Facebook Advertising Research, Campaign Setup and Ongoing Optimization


This client had been working with Lead to Conversion™ (LTC) for several years in nearly all facets of digital marketing ranging from conversion-focused website design to SEO to Google Ads and organic social media marketing. They’re still a client of ours and are nearing their 10th year in partnering with LTC.

As we were looking at 2020 marketing recommendations for the client, we strongly advocated running a “free shipping” Facebook Ad as a path to shore up brand interest and DTC sales potential for their 3 ounce product samples.

Strategy & Execution

LTC began by conducting demographic research and created an initial Facebook Ad unique to the “free shipping” promotion for their 3 ounce sample paint products. We also worked with the client to set up unique codes we used in the ads and on their website for proper channel sales attribution and for quantifying ROI.

In the first month of the campaign, we saw a steady flow of sales coming in and continued to optimize their ad creative and targeting to fine tune its performance. By the end of the first six months of our Facebook Ads campaign, our optimization efforts achieved the following:

  • 451,526 Ad Impressions
  • 4,143 Ad Clicks
  • 7,088 Adds to Cart
  • $.43 Cost Per Add to Cart
  • $3,050 in Total Ad Spend
  • $98,442 in Sample Product Sales
  • 32x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
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If you’re operating a business and have not yet pursued Facebook Ads as a part of your marketing mix, there’s no better time than the present to take your business to the next level by marketing your brand and its products through Facebook Advertising.

Lead to Conversion™ understands that not all companies are created equal in terms of their digital marketing needs and the needs of their target market. That’s why Lead to Conversion™ customizes digital marketing strategies unique to each of our clients, their target audience and their desired outcomes. Let us help create the perfect user experience and conversion-focused website while also laying the foundation, and building upon it, ongoing digital marketing that is guaranteed to take your business to a whole new level of dominance in your niche.

We are ready to help you begin.

Call us today at 855.473.6582.

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