People have more health care options than ever before, alongside the ability to conduct research online. Plus, since most insurers no longer expect a referral from a primary care physician, patients take a more active role in choosing which medical practice they use. This means your digital marketing campaigns for promoting your podiatry practice is more important than ever. There are hundreds of ways you can use the growing reliance consumers have on the internet to your advantage.

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Podiatrist Marketing

Marketing never used to be a necessity for many podiatrists in the past. However, as the market changes, so do practices. In the past, your reputation was largely gained by word of mouth and recommendations. The same is true now, except there’s a globally visible space where people’s views on your business are written down. People use social media as a platform to express their feelings about products and services, giving you valuable insights and the opportunity to engage.

Because your online reputation is so visible, it’s crucial that you take an active role in managing it. This alone is practically a full-time job for one person, which is why we would recommend hiring an agency. We can do the job of an entire team for the cost of one individual.

Podiatrist Digital Marketing

Your overall branding strategy is essential for digital marketing success. You and your team need a clear understanding of what your podiatrist clinic’s values are. Plus, they need to echo in all your interactions with the public — and in every word you write online. When you have a well-designed website that’s brimming with content featuring targeted keywords and a clear branding message, you’ll stand out head and shoulders above your competitors.

Google gives you lots of opportunities to add detail to your business listing. The more you take advantage of these opportunities, the better you’ll perform on the search engine results pages. Additionally, you can execute a content marketing plan on your website that contain keyword strings to capture search engine intentions. Not only does this drive growth, but it also keeps people coming back to your website to read the useful content for all kinds of information ranging from heel pain to ingrown toenails and foot health in general.


Search engine optimization covers an array of tactics that we use to make your website appear higher up on search engine results pages. Some of the aspects of SEO are highly technical and require coding and web design skills, and other aspects are more creative and conversion-based. As an example, Google’s algorithm has hundreds of factors that it analyzes when performing its indexing and sorting function.

We know about pretty much every single expectation search engines have, and we’re positioned at the forefront in the industry and stay on top of the latest developments. It just so happens that we’re experts at creating content that uses the right keyword strings, satisfies Google’s high expectations and engages clients. Blogs and e-books aren’t just great for SEO purposes, though. They’re also excellent for establishing yourself as a thought leader and memorable podiatrist.

Local SEO (Google My Business)

Google has been working hard to make its Google My Business (local/maps) function work even better for businesses. When you fill in your profile, you need to optimize it for search engines and users among other critical aspects to climb local search results. When it meets the correct criteria, your listing will appear in the local pack when potential clients search for a “podiatrist clinic near me.” This is a way of reaching potential patients through a prominently placed phone number, address, and a link to your site for those who need your services in real-time and is particularly useful as Google continues to roll out updates. 

Local SEO is also the #1 internet marketing tactic used by the top practices in the podiatry field and has shown explosive growth potential for your patient base.

Website Design

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of web design for your online reputation. If customers don’t like the look of your website, it reflects on your entire practice. They’re unlikely to get to the point of reading useful content or booking an appointment if they’re put off by a clunky website. Even search engines measure design when ranking your site. As such, you need to make sure it’s got a simple and clean design, easy navigation and well-organized landing pages.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing in the modern era, it’s all about making an emotional connection with your client base. In order for them to keep coming back to you — or be inspired to use your podiatry services in the first place — you need to make an impression. Social media is an incredible outlet because it lets you engage directly with your audience to promote your practice on social media platforms such as Facebook.

We can help you expertly curate your reputation online using social media, your website, blogs and guest posting.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

When it comes to social media marketing and SEO, you’re looking at long-term strategies. If you want to see instant results, we can help you to manage your Google Ads campaigns so you’re getting the most out of them. If you buy the right keywords, you can effortlessly get your website towards the top of the SERPs to attract new patients.

Podiatry is a competitive marketplace, so some of the keywords are costly — but you only pay if someone actually clicks them. Even if they don’t click, your name is out there and on the top of Google’s results page.

Digital Podiatry Marketing Experts

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